The best selling vehicles by state

The Ford F-Series pickup is the best-selling vehicle in America, but different vehicles sell better in different states. Here are some of the best-selling vehicles according to state:

  1. Hawaii: Toyota Tacoma

  2. Connecticut: The Subaru Forester is Subaru’s best-selling vehicle nationwide, but only in Connecticut does the Forester outsell every other car.

  3. Florida: Toyota Corolla

  4. Vermont: GMC Sierra

  5. New York and Rhode Island: Honda CR-V

  6. Washington, Colorado, and Maine: Subaru Outback

  7. California. Honda Accord

  8. Alabama, Georgia, North and South Carolina: Toyota Camry

  9. Arizona, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, and Alaska: Dodge Ram

  10. Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, West Virginia, Delaware and New Hampshire: Chevy Silverado

  11. Texas, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Wyoming, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Mexico, North and South Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Utah: Ford F-150

The “Ford S-Series pickup”… is that similar to the F-series? {:smiley:

This whole post is lifted, word for word, from another person’s blog post, including the “S” Series Ford. Should be “F”.

Wouldn’t there be copyright issues with a cut and paste post like this?

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That list only includes 45 states.
What about the missing five?
Did the OP forget to copy that part of the original information?

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To the beautiful young lady who keeps us honest, thank you.

To the OP: this is absolutely meaningless without seeing the actual data. It’s all just blabber. It tells the reader absolutely nothing. That to me makes it clear that the only purpose in posting it was the spam, so efficiently removed by the aforementioned young lady. It appalls me to have my intelligence insulted like you’ve done. You may not realize it, but this forum is replete with engineers, technicians, and retired college professors that taught technical subjects. Nobody here is going to be hoodwinked by your attempt.

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TSMB–Based on the tags underneath the post, I assume that this spammer was trying to sell car insurance. Since I “came to the party” late this morning, I didn’t see the original content.
Was it an attempt to sell car insurance?

I’m with @VDCdriver: curiosity got the better of me and I looked up the missing five. OP left out Maryland, Virginia, and New Jersey (all Honda Accord states); Wisconsin (another Silverado crowd); and Massachusetts (CR-V). The data cited in the original post came from IHS.

TSM, you’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Colorado must be becoming more yuppie-fied what w/the popularity of the Subie Outback these days. When I lived there, Ford trucks were the most common vehicle I would see. Usually older F100’s. I’d sometimes have to ask these Ford truck drivers directions, and invariably they’d say something like “3 beers straight ahead”. They’d measure distance in the number of beers it would take to get there … lol …

While visiting friends in Colorado nearly four years ago, we had lunch in a fast food restaurant located at a busy intersection in Woodland Park. I commented that I had seen more Subarus in half an hour there than I would in a month at home. My friend said that Subaru (all models) was the largest selling new vehicle in the state. He drives an aging Baja. I’m not surprised that the original post says the Outback is the top seller there.

I was stationed in Maine over 20 years ago and the first thing that my wife and I noticed was the plethora of Subaru dealers. Not only that…every other car on the road was a Subaru. I bought a Subaru for my wife a couple of weeks after arriving and she never got stuck in the snow. There is a reason that they are so popular up there.

I get the Subies in our state. They started pushing them years ago before they had AWD and they were pretty popular then. When they went AWD exclusively, the number of dealerships blossomed which at the time was unusual for a low volume car. The owners in our state drive them for legit reasons (130 inches of snow this year)
BTW, the original dealership in our state was part owned by my cousin and was the leading dealership for Subies in the world at one time. That’s how many they sold in our state. They made recommendations on options and engineering that to this day are still found in Subies. Customers do have input through dealerships.

When my dad was alive, he never paid for service and got his Subie at cost through his nephew. I never got the same consideration so I bought Toyotas from another cousin.

But, I talk to those in southern NE and they actually think they are off road vehicles and bought them for camping…the camping they do is jumping from one motel to another. I guess they think one night they will get caught in a Psycho “Bates Motel” and need a car for a quick get a way in a rain storm.

“They made recommendations on options and engineering that to this day are still found in Subies. Customers do have input through dealerships.”

In fact, the distributor in that area (Subaru of New England…or something to that effect) has had a lot of influence on the company over the years, as a result of their sales numbers.

For example, New Englanders were able to buy the Subaru Legacy SUS (essentially a slightly-raised Legacy sedan with Outback-like trim) for a couple of years before Subaru of America decided to make that model available nationwide. The SUS never sold in large numbers, but there were a lot more of them in New England than anywhere else in the country, as a result of a 2-year lead in availability in the New England states.

Not to mention the LL Bean version. Great store. Ever up in Maine (Freeport) it’s worth the visit. Store is open 24hrs a day 365 days a year. There are no locks on the doors customers use.

I once talked to a GM marketing guy who told me the market for Chevy Suburbans and the sister GMC models was divided between the Middle East, Texas and the Canadian province of Alberta, which is oil and cattle country. In fact, 50% of all those sold in North America were in Texas and Alberta. The trailer (horse) towing capacity figures in as well.

Middle East types like the ease of entry with all those robes they wear and the leg room, as well as the rear air conditioner outlets. At 8 cents a liter for gasoline, fuel economy is a non issue there.

“Store is open 24hrs a day 365 days a year.”

Whenever I am in the Portland area, I save my LL Bean visit for after dinner.
A short drive up to Freeport puts you into the store when it is much less busy in the late evening hours. Plus, it is much easier to get a parking space late at night!

Exactly why Subaru and LL Bean ended their licensing agreement for the use of the Bean name on a particular Subaru model is something that I am not aware of, but they ended the use of that name on Subarus several years ago.

I had a Brighton model specifically designed for Mainers. Standard, AC, cruise control and a decent radio…nothing more. They made this model for the dealership in our area because Maires don’t like a lot of “poop” on the packages they normally force people to buy. They later just started to make most of these features standard…when they upped the price significantly. But, they still sell like hotcakes and have some kind of fanatic hold on people. One good friend who owns one told me …Subarus are the only car made that doesn’t need snow tires…Huh ?

@VDCdriver You can take the train NOW too !

I live in a city of 60,000 in Indiana and we havs a state university in the city, but we do not have a Subaru dealer. For a while, back in the 1980s, the Pontiac dealer also had the Subaru franchise. However, the dealership was sold and the new owner dropped the Subaru franchise. I had a colleague who did buy a Subaru and had no complaints. I would think, being a college town, that there would be a,market for the Subaru, but apparently marketing experts don’t think so. We don’t have a Mazda dealer and the Nissan dealer closed 6 moths ago. We did have a Mazda dealer but it has been gone for years. The VW agency shut its doors sometime back, but a new VW agency just opened. I have no statistics, but GM and Toyota product s seem to be the most popular makes here.

I’m most surprised that the Ram outsells the Ford and Chevy trucks in so many states, given its considerably lower overall sales. Most of the rest seem about right, though I’m surprised Floridians buy more Corollas than Camrys. Until relatively recently the Prius was the bestselling car in California. I wouldn’t be surprised if it regains that spot next time it is redesigned. In my neighborhood there must be four times as many of them as anything else.