The best selling vehicles by state

Most of the rest seem about right, though I'm surprised Floridians buy more Corollas than Camrys.

Two Words - Fixed Income.

I'm most surprised that the Ram outsells the Ford and Chevy trucks in so many states

The 5 states are low population states…so I don’t see a surprise at all.

“Two Words-Fixed Income”

In addition, many of these cars are just seasonal. They sit under a carport or in a garage during the summer while their owners “fly” north and use their “other Corolla” ( or truck ) somewhere else. Two Corollas and a plane make 2 good local cars and long distance travel vehicle…often cheaper then one luxury vehicle, on “fixed income”.

Seniors don’t buy very many cars, so likely affect the totals less than their numbers would suggest. They also, on average, have a lot more money than young people. The ones barely getting by on Social Security aren’t likely to be buying new cars at all. The adjoining states that buy more Camrys have lower median incomes than Florida. I suspect it is a combination of factors, including the number of seniors who rarely use the back seats.

And I’m still surprised at all the Ram buyers in the West. After all, I’ve spent my whole life on the West Coast. All I can figure is that the Ram image goes over well in cowboy country. Or something. If the Ram trucks are selling so well in those states there sales must be pretty poor in other places. Or maybe they just don’t make a lot of fleet sales.

One thing to consider I think is in the rural areas, what is bought might have something to do with what dealers are within a 50-100 mile radius. After the dealer clean out of 08, you might not want to buy a truck unless a dealer is around. Another thing would be that trucks are needed in the rural areas. Some folks would have the farm truck plus a regular car but others would just have the one truck to serve both purposes. You couldn’t just have a car and get the work done on the ranch or farm too. Still gotta think Fords and Chev would be more popular trucks but I think Dodge has a little edge when you are pulling horse trailers and other heavy duty uses.

I would pick the Toyota car because I am very sure with the performance and the durability.

Colorado…Life is different when you live between 5000 and 10,000 feet elevation…People drive a lot of miles here, so fuel mileage plays an important factor along with steep grades and snow-packed roads…The Outback fills the bill…