Ford, Honda, Subaru

On this board, under this topic, there are 4930 posts dealing with Hondas…

There are 2498 dealing with Subarus…

And there are 189 dealing with Crown Victorias.

You slice and dice this any way you want, but this is a forum where people generally post threads about problems they are having with their cars…

I’m inspired to write a book.

And consider not only the sheer number of Crown Vics running around there but also the number of ex-police cars, taxis, and various fleet cars that are being used after being whaled on commercially.

And 5786 posts concerning Toyota. That’s the highest so far. What do they win?

Since you looked at Honda and Subaru, to be fair you’d look at Ford not just Crown Vics. Still I’d bet there are relatively few Ford posts. Considering all the Ford’s out there compared to the number of Subaru’s I think the Subaru number is very high.

Considering the very few Volvo’s out there there is a great over representation of Volvo posts as well.

I was thinking about used cars and think about all the Ford Explorers that have been sold over the years. How many posts concern the Explorer? Very few and does that mean the Explorer is a good vehicle and ages well?

I have experience with Volvo and will never buy, or recommend another. Based on all the Subaru posts I’m not going to every own one of them either. I tend to buy used cars now and these cars are too expensive to own as they age based on what I read here.

Or maybe many are recommendations and not problems.

…but then you also have to worry about the demographics. People who show up here are more likely to be NPR listeners. This is not some kind of good probability sample or anything. In fact, it is exactly the kind of population that is probably more likely to own such things. The Crown Vic won’t be on the typical NPR listener list.

I have to say though Caddyman - I find myself eying up Crown Vics more and more. I love those cheap go forever used cars.

Clearly you’ve never taken a statistics course, Caddyman.

cig is correct, demographics plays into this. It is safe to say there are more drivers of imports on this site as say…drivers of Ford F250’s with a 6" lift, big mudders and some sort of redneck advertising in the back window.

1: there are a whole lot of Hondas on the road and the people who wouldn’t dream of working on their own cars buy Toyotas. 2: 4 wheel drive cars need more repairs and aluminum boxer engines have more problems than most. 3: Most of the people who own and appreciate Crown Victorias are older and are of an age when guys wanted to know how to get greasy fixing things. I will wager that most of the Crown Vic owners do their own plumbing and electrical work also.

When you consider the number of posts about a particular car and the number of cars of that make on the road, I think that the Jeffrey wins hands down. There are probably 4 Jeffreys on the road and there is a post about a problem with one of them. That is 25% of the Jeffreys on the road! I think if I owned a Jeffrey, I would swapping it for a Maxwell. I haven’t seen a post about a Maxwell.

Yes I have! And I’ve used the ones quoted to spin a tangled web! Statistics can be twisted to prove any point the person is trying to make… But it’s a lot of fun!

There is a kernel of truth in there somewhere…

F150, the most popular vehicle on the road, 402 posts
Volvo, 3% of Fords numbers… 1188 posts
Saab, … 555 Saab Stories
Audi, Teutonic Excellence,… 525 entries…
Benz, The pinnacle of perfection,… 802 laments
BMW, another marvel of engineering, … 1122 posts…
Lexus, even the one in Juneau needs help,… 713…
Prius, how can this be??.. 522
Crown Vic, Millions of them on the road, … 190 queries…
Grand Marquis, A Vic with a Lincoln interior,…253 notations.

The problem is that you keep comparing individual models (F150, Crown Vic) with other manufacturers full product lines (Volvo, Saab, Audi, Benz, BMW, Lexus).

No, that’s not the reason. It’s the class of people who own various vehicles…You are what you drive, remember? Some groups are FAR more prone to post their problems on the internet…Like, their CONNECTED!

Ford has sold more Vics, Marqs, F150’s than all the rest of the list combined…They have been making them for decades.

Crown Vic owners are too old to know about computers. That’s just a joke but my brother and my dad had Grand Marquiseeses and no computer.

That’s true. I’m a Honda owner and I know i’ve seen far more online forums dedicated solely to different models of Honda than most other makes and models. For instance I have a 1989 Honda accord and am a member of a forum dedicated solely to 1986-1989 Honda Accords ( meanwhile there’s an entire forum dedicated to all years of Ford Explorer ( and really no others for that model.

Give that man a Kewpie Doll!

Let me know the next time you see a Vic, Marq, 150 on the side of the road with the hood open…(can I fool you twice?)

We all have cell phones and AAA cards!

You want to see a bunch a crazies and some VERY nice cars, check out

NPR is comparatively small, CT is even smaller, and the number of people who post are much smaller than that. Considering the number of posts involved against the sum total it seems to be high to me.
If I remember correctly CT’s site was redone a couple of years ago and the prior posts and complaints up to that point disappeared. Those totals listed now are only for the last couple of years; not to way back when.

Based on what was stacked up in the parking lot and service drive when I worked for Honda and Subaru I can very easily attest to numerous problems. And it continues…