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Toyota camry solara convertible front end bounce

bought a new 2008 solara convertible in april—

from day one the “sensitivity” to the road,on all surfaces/at all speeds and condition of road,ie,bumpy to smooth interstate causes the wheel to literally bounce in my hand and makes me wonder if the roof or windshield will fly off the car—ok,am slightly exaggerating the condition but i have had conv’s before and never experienced anything like this----

would like some feed back before i head to the dealer where i anticipate the usual BS,ie, nothing’s wrong or it’ll get better as time passes----

any ideas/explanations?—car has 4200 plus miles----drove it cross country from seattle to santa fe to new york so have plenty of drive time to live with the car—

thanks,arnold schwartz

Test drive another just for kicks and see if it is the same. It may be a symptom of the new wave of ultralight small frame and tires vehicles to save gas syndrome.

What is a “small frame”? Do you mean unibody? Small tires? You have to look pretty hard to find a new car that has 13" wheels, unlike 20+ years ago. You obviously have a beef with modern vehicles.

So your steering wheel is bouncing and it has done this since new, at all speeds? If you are saying the steering wheel actually moves up and down, I have to ask, is the tilt lock, locked? I think it’s a lever on the bottom of the steering column in this car.

The Solara convertible is known to have a very flexible chassis, so you’ll need to compare it to others to make sure yours doesn’t have a particular problem. It may just be ‘the way they are.’

Actually i have a beef with vehicles to come, I need to move drywall and plywood and tow a boat on occasion, and I see government stepping in and telling or taxing me out of a choice.

What? You mean you can’t move drywall in a Smartcar?..Thats what a roof rack is for…