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That's one way to drum-up business

Please note that I have no connection with this company, and am posting this only for the sake of human interest. I am NOT advertising their existence.


They’ve got extra TP rolls left over from the J.C. Whitney Toilet Paper Oil Filter…

Oh my… They still MAKE these!


I remember those things. Seems like they claimed you never had to change the oil! Nonsense of course but I guess people must still be buying them. I wonder If those ASC guys would trade me a roll of TP for an oil filter. I have a lot more filters than TP right now!

Speaking of TP, I though y’all might like this pic of a box of TP I took at work a few years ago before I retired.go pro2

Pure marketing genius

Timing is everything. Like I said Ben Franklin plumbing in Chicago at least was offering a roll with every service call. But like I said, yesterday Walmart had it in stock. $10 for a 12 pack. Cheaper than an auto service or a plumbing call.

A pizzeria in NJ was offering a roll of TP with each large pie last week. My local supermarket has not had any TP on the shelves–at least when I visited–for over 2 weeks. Supposedly, some Costcos have been restocked with TP & paper towels, and I will report back after I visit next Tuesday morning, during their “senior hour”.

One thing that I won’t be buying at Costco next week is gasoline, as I have driven less than 45 miles in the past week.

Wegmans in Cherry Hill had everything back in stock this morning.

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Maybe you need the tp badly after you eat the pizza :grin:


I miss Wegmans. We have a couple in MA, but too far to shop there on a regular basis. A close second is our Market Baskets…

My engineer friend had the toilet paper filter in his 1960’s GMCarryAll.

When I checked his oil, it always looked very clean !
Forgot how many 100-thousand miles on thengine.
Never any engine work. Gas engine but he said it was a diesel engine block.

So what is the problem with filtering through plain white unscented toilet paper?

Thank you.

No paper shortage: Several years ago I.nstalled our beloved AMDM Intelliseat® toilet seat bidet from Co$tCo. Very easy to connect!
Greatest difficulty was installing an electrical outlet in the water closet, (I placed the GFCI outlet behind the toilet and plugged a night light into it), and running a dedicated 15-amp circuit to the outlet.

Personally, I wouldn’t run a filter medium that’s designed to dissolve in liquid so that it doesn’t clog sewage pipes…


Good point!
When I changed his oil, the toilet paper wastill intact. Was able to be unrolled.

TP filters are NOT used as the main oil filter. It’s only used as a bypass filter. TP would starve the engine of oil if used as the main filter. I wouldn’t take the chance.

Yes. Never had time to see from where the oil was piped into the toilet paper canister.
Assume it was plumbed from thengine’s oil filter port. The oil waso clean I do not recall his having me replace thengine’s oil filter.