Thrift store auto parts

Could be a good deal.

If it looks good in the living room…put it over there by the brake rotors.

Well gee it’s brand new. Just don’t know if it’s left or right.

I am often baffled at the thrift stores’ acceptance of so many things like this. They are basically disposing of the donater’s garbage for them; things like this are so specific that there is zero chance that someone needing it is gonna cross paths with it at the thrift store.

Similarly, incomplete items like a blender with only the motor and no glass bowl. Impossible for the consumer to make it complete at a lower cost than just buying new. If only more things had an interchangeable/universal fit.

The website is helping connect buyers and sellers of oddball items.

I changed printers so I have six brand new ink cartridge black and color that I can’t use. Worth about $175. I hate to just throw them out but the prices on there wouldn’t even pay the postage. Who knew that the ink costs more than the printers?

Actually, this has been well known for many years.


Same thing with car parts. I do not remember the exact figures but I remember reading an automotive publication about a Chevy Citation back in the 1980s.

The price of a new Citation at the time was roughly 6500 dollars new on the lot.
If the writers went in to the dealer parts counter and bought all the parts needed to assemble that Citation the cost was right at 90k dollars.

Parts alone; no labor factor in that 90k. Kind of shows just how cheaply parts can be manufactured.

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That’s actually not a new marketing concept. John D. Rockefeller came up with a fairly brilliant plan to induce people in perpetually-impoverished China to buy his kerosene. Standard Oil gave kerosene lanterns away–gratis–along with a small amount of kerosene.

Human nature is such that almost everyone wanted a free lantern, and once they had experienced the “improved” lighting, they eagerly paid for the kerosene necessary to keep their lantern going. And, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Rockefeller’s plan wasn’t even an original concept.

Same with razors and razor blades…

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King Gillette, I suppose…

Yeah I’m well aware of the marketing schemes. I was just surprised the price was about half what I paid the last time I bought a printer.

I have been using this company for a few years. I buy the LD brand ink, it is a lot cheaper and have not had any problems. they usually have 15-18 percent off sales. I have not tried the ink on photo’s though. I just thought I mention it.

I just buy the HP stuff at Target or Walmart. When I installed the new printer with their Smart App, seems to me they said something about the controversy that they have a chip or something that requires HP ink. I dunno, that’s all I use anyway.

I was concerned about installing the new printer on wifi and needed to finish taxes nursing the old one before pulling it off line. My computer does not have wifi so was a little concerned getting it all to work. Just installed with the ipad on wifi and plugged the cord in and works fine. But HP sure pushes joining their little club so they can send you free stuff and monitor your printer and wifi. Why do I not trust these people? Kinda like the free credit card stuff. I don’t want their stinking free ink, just stay out of my house.

On to wifi security systems. I really don’t trust these folks either.