Buick Riviera Stalling Update

Just looking for my odds of having it fixed or at least I think its important to follow up since I know there are many others out there with the same issue.

I started stalling on me one day so took it in. Cleaned induction and ran it around town for two weeks before it stalled again. Took it back and did a crank sensor on it. Stalled again on me twice in about 3 miles so I ordered an ignition switch.

Just put the switch in this weekend and cleaned all of the ground wires. Took it out tonight and ran it 7 miles over rough roads and didn’t stall.

Someone here or somewhere mentioned that a shorting injector can shut the computer off. I’m just wondering whether I should pre-emptively drop some junk yard injectors in but yet I don’t want to spend much more money on it if I can’t get it resolved.

Do you think maybe the switch was the problem or could an intermittant shorting injector cause stalling? This is the switch on the column, not the lock cylinder. I took it apart and didn’t seem like the contacts were all that bad but after 20 years and half a million miles who knows?

You cleaned up the ground wires and put in a new ignition switch and it ran fine. Why don’t you stop working on it and see if it continues to run fine.