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Thanks for the tip on "engine restore"

Thank you guys! My 2002 Saturn SC2 with 175,000 miles was consuming a lot of oil. I mean 500-600 miles per quart. I didn’t know where it went, no smoke and no leaks; I heard from other Saturn owners that it was common. Some said it was the oil wiper rings getting stuck in the piston ring grooves. I heard your tip on the show that you had achieved some success with Engine Restore. I tried it and TA DA! It’s working. I put a can in with an oil change and after my next oil change. After the second oil change I went 1300 miles before having to add a quart, and the car is running much stronger.

Thanks again!

Glad to hear the good news, The guys post rarely, will put a mental note in case my daughter’s saturn has similar troubles