Thanks for the input on the Volvo lights and OUI/DUI

…how could you not notice your lights weren’t on at midnight the first time you looked at your speedometer or gauges and saw no dash lights?

@Wheresrick: I think you’re a decent guy, and it’s great that you don’t drive impaired. I’ve already stated my opinions on the subject, and I don’t personally drive if I’ve had more than 3 beers, and only very rarely even then. The “MADD people” are extremists, and like any other extremists, they are not a rational group. Just because at their heart lies a decent cause doesn’t mean I agree with their methods or iffy reasoning and “research”. People that would bomb abortion clinics are all about preserving life, to cite another example of extremism. All too often when a person or group can’t see shades of grey or a middle ground, rights and freedoms get trampled in the name of “safety”, “the common good”, “think of the children”, etc. The damage to everyone’s quality of life is then sacrificed to appease a few vociferously vocal people, and that damage is typically realized only years later and hard to undo.

My personal rule of thumb is to never trust any group or person that’s “Doing something for your own good/the common good”, no matter how apparently altruistic their motives seem.

And while it’s great to educate people about the perils of drinking and getting behind the wheel, this really isn’t the place for it. Most folks here wouldn’t think of driving drunk, so you’re “preaching to the choir” at best. And everyone is entitled to their opinions… it’s when they begin trying to shove them down my throat that I find it objectionable, no matter how “right” they are, or what the subject is.

Bottom of the page, read asecular’s comments, he is pro driving high/drunk.

I’m sure it’s fun for you to think that because you, apparently, think we’re all morons who will fall for your deceptions, but asecular mentioned that 30 years ago he was pulled over and had done marijuana. He didn’t say he does it now, and he didn’t say he approves of the behavior. It’s “clique,” btw.

Just because you don’t agree with me doesnt mean you have to call me names.

Good. I take it this means you’ve re-examined your posting style and will change to one of greater maturity and thought.

The MADD people are mad because they are tired of losing people to drunk drivers.

That’s nice, but they are still a biased source of information because they have a vested interest in having that information conform to their goal.

I am surprised that you are against an organization that is trying to prevent drunk driving.

Again, you take a simple statement and make wild, frankly idiotic, conjectures in order to further your argument. I am not anti-MADD, I am pro-science and skepticism. Just because a group who’s goal I happen to agree with says something does not mean I should automatically assume that what they said is true, and go preaching it to everyone who will listen. Biased sources are biased sources, even if they happen to be biased in my favor.

There have been studies that have upheld thier studies.

Then cite them.

Why are cdl drivers held to a higher standard? Is there a reason for that?

What is your point?


That’s interesting that you’re comparing extremists

However, there’s something which must be stated . . .

MADD members, as far as I know, have NOT killed any convicted/suspected drunk drivers

Pro-life people have occasionally been proven to kill their “enemy”

So I would say one of those 2 groups is WAY more extreme, perhaps even off the scale

While the other one seems like a bunch of tame pussy cats by comparison


And while it's great to educate people about the perils of drinking and getting behind the wheel, this really isn't the place for it. Most folks here wouldn't think of driving drunk, so you're "preaching to the choir" at best. And everyone is entitled to their opinions... it's when they begin trying to shove them down my throat that I find it objectionable, no matter how "right" they are, or what the subject is.

I am not forcing anybody to come here and read my posts, I am not shoving anything down anyone’s throat. Just dont read it if you don’t like it.

You seem like a decent guy as well. Have a good weekend.


So your a member of the enlightened class then? I make 6 figures a year and have plenty of money in the bank and I do a service to my community, you don’t have to get uppity with me.

Simple question, Why do CDL drivers have to adhere to lower alcohol limits when driving?
I know the answer to this question, but its meant to make you think a little.

since when did having a good income make one more enlightened, more honest,more intelligent or kinder than any other person?

…uppity. I sorry massa

I think everyone needs to step back, take a few deep breaths, agree to disagree, and then move on.

Since the conversation has strayed quite a bit from it’s original purpse, perhaps this thread’s usefulness has come to an end.

I agree w doc roc.and I apologize for getting offended.

I don’t think I am better than anyone, in fact im just a stupid redneck from Indiana. Shadowfax thinks he is better than me because he spells better. I come back the best way I know, and thats the way I roll. Yes im that shallow. My job pays well, is in high demand, and not many people can do it, So im cocky about it. You would be too if you came from the trailer and managed to accomplish an upper six figure bank account.

If I don’t get killed by a drunk driver or lose my job I should be a millionaire by the time im 50. Self made.

Im good at three things, Making Money, Saving money, and being cheap.


Are you saying we have a right to drive drunk?


Now were driving while tripping on lsd? People that do those sort of things usually end up getting scraped up off the road at 2am.

But don’t worry my good man, go get drunk smoke some weed and go for a cruise. Plenty here support you.

Um, thanks for the tip on MADD @asecular I hadn’t realized MADD strayed so far from their original purpose and now has turned into a full scale anti-alcohol lobby group. 58% fundraising and management, over $9 million federal funding in five years, CEO to Sanford, Komen for the cure CEO to MADD, increase beer tax, raise age, reduce alcohol limits, eliminate drinking, alcohol interlock devices on ALL cars-wow what do I need that for? And on and on.

So many of these groups are founded out of tragedy and try to do good works but then end up trampling on the 300 million innocents.


Do you not think the 20,000 people a year killed by drunk drivers are not worth fighting for? Thats the whole point of MADD. 200,000 people have been murdered by drunken drivers since 9/11. Why are people not outraged? I agree Madd does some stupid stuff with their money, but so does the NRA. I give money to both because their core beliefs are the same as mine. Its my right.

I just got an idea for a slammin’ side business ( 10 years too late )
I should have bought myself a van/bus to drive to the bar ( instead of my Explorer ) when I was playing that week and , after putting away my guitar, just load up the van with paying customers for thier ride home. ( the trouble with that is on saturday nights when the patrons must exit the bar by 1:30 but the band stays packing and loading the gear. ) - ( the other caveat back then is that playing weekends was a second job and I had a bedtime very close to closing time so that I could be…HERE )

– 2nd Idea; ( one customer at a time ) have a second sober band member drive thier car to their house so it won’t be sitting in the lonely parking lot.

There are driving services out there now but in this small town they’re only on special occasions like New Years.

@ken green

Good idea Ken, Finally a constructive comment.

Oh. Terribly sorry. I had no idea that you made 6 figures. That clearly means your posts are to be taken more seriously than mine.

Of course, it also means that Paris Hilton should be taken more seriously than you, and she’s a strong advocate of drunk driving, as she proves on a routine basis. So, there you have it. DWI is OK. The money says so.


At the wedding reception last weekend, several vans showed up to transport folks back to their hotels. Have fun but be safe.

I’m just saying that it looks like MADD has veared off the path a little into trying to legislate too much like breath testers in every car. I’m against bacterial infections too that kill people but we don’t need more legislation. Also the NRA is not trying to reduce peoples freedoms but maintain them. Also they didn’t collect $9 million from the feds in five years either.

No one is for people being killed on the highway. Its just a question of tactics and extremes. If drugs and alcohol were outlawed, there’d be no problem right? Oh we tried that once-didn’t work too well but lots of people got rich.

If you’re in the advertising business, not only don’t they test for LSD, I think they offer it in the break room.