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Thanks for the advice, Car Talk

Not a question, just a thank you. My husband died early this year and my daily driver was a 2012 Ford Focus, also the motorhome tow vehicle and my first car with an automatic transmission. (I usually drove Honda Civics, but this husband did not like cars other than the big 2(I have a 55 Chevy Handyman, 32 Ford Roadster and a 64 Chevy SS Impala(plus the 2015 Mustang Collector edition(my large metal pets) )The transmission also went out twice in 6 years. I needed a reliable car, and having read an article by you, saying OLD (me, 73) people should get a car with all available safety features. I got a Crosstrek, in July, and thank you so much for saying what you did. Consumers Report rated it higher than the Civic. I might also add that the local Honda and Chevy dealerships were not really helpful, and our Subaru dealer was. Elderly women apparently do not look like “car buyers”. I drive from Prescott, AZ to Fresno, CA twice a year, and so far, the safety features have worked wonderfully. Thank you for your suggestion. One piece of advice for older drivers, NEVER talk on the phone, even a Bluetooth while driving. You might wonder why I chose not to drive the beautiful red Mustang? Five old ladies don’t fit in in,
nor a 120 pound golden retriever. You should have seen one(old lady, not dog) climb in the back.
And I don’t sit up high enough to see over the big nose of the red beast. I have a 48 year old daughter who keeps the “pets” in driving condition. Anyway, thank you for your wonderful advice. Janice Black