Bad top strut mounts

Trying to change front struts on my 08 tucson , top mounts are gone so when I try to jack up vehicle wheel stays on ground, is there a way I can keep strut in place while I jack up vehicle to get tire off ?

Jack up under the control arm and place a jackstand there to hold it there. Remove the tire, then jack up the body.

The fact that you asked this question concerns me that this job is beyond your skill level. Maybe this is best done by a pro?


might only be using the supplied scissor jack.

If that is so… Double my recommendation NOT to DIY this! If you don’t have tools to do this safely, don’t do it!

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Top mounts are gone . Does that mean RUST ? And where did the mounts go ?

I also see an accident waiting to happen here.

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Maybe the rubber rotted away? Maybe the retainer rusted away? Would be nice i the OP decided to share that with us. I’d guess they won’t be back… this may be THAT kind of post!

yes top mounts are rusted, noticed when I changed control arm and sway bar links, up to that point I had no indication that they were bad ,

Then don’t do anything until you have a body shop look at this . Rust is like icebergs , you only see 1/3 of it. This thing might not be save able or to expensive to justify the cost.