Th350 transmission no 3rd gear

That doesn’t look new.

Replace it.

That’s the problem.


Replacing it as we speak

Don’t lose the pin.



Mine doesn’t have a pin, but it didn’t fix the issue :confused:

Resolved !!!

After about 15 hours I finally found the issue. When I was replacing the plugs and air cleaner I was checking the adjustment on the carburetor and I must’ve open the throttle too far because the switch connected to the Excelerator pedal that went to the kick down solenoid was completely stuck in the on position. This solenoid was not clicking and closing therefore it was stuck in passing gear the entire time. I just jiggled the switch free on the gas pedal and then heard the solenoid click and boom third gear is back


My cars broke.
What did you last touch?
Funny how that seems to be.

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Happy happy happy. Wouldn’t be the first time I replaced a modulator hoping that was the problem. They’re cheap.