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Th350 dipstick location

i am looking at my th350 tranny’s tube filler that i need to replace.the problem is that the replacement tube filler and it’s location are nothing like thier replacements. the tubefiller i have now has a tapered end that looks like the end of a t.v cable end, plus it ie installed on the last port opening on the housing that will only allow similar tube filler applications.all replacement tubefillers are only the wide tube ending that fit into the axuillary/alternate port on the housing. hard to describe but trust me they are not the same. does anyone know what i am talikng about?where can i find this replacement tube filler or do i just chane tubes and locations?

Does it look like this one-

This is the end type I am used to seeing. Summit has a variety of dipstick tubes but it appears they all have this end style. Check Summit and Jegs to see if you can locate a pic of the “TV cable end”.

no, that is what all the replacements look like. the original tube that i have now looks like this

this is what the end looks liks, the actual tube is a regular tubeular design. i will try to take a picture and post it. i have looked every where that is possible to find this! i bought this truck used from a guy who was trying to upgrade the truck performance wise.

Your picture shows the “kick-down” cable, not the filler tube.