Filler neck connected to pan? am i missing something?

1990 Cherokee. 4.o L 6cyl

I was about to change tranny filter and noticed that filler neck is connected to pan. no visible means of removal

do I just drop it assembled or am I missing something?
my manual does not mention this at all, only says unbolt and drop pan.

my tranny fluid is still nice and red and have no prob shifting.
it did search for right gear a lot but that improved after fixing vacuum leak.

should I just hold onto parts for later. I have no idea when last changed…

Check to see how the filler neck is attached further up. I had one car where it was a slotted bracket on the side of the transmission. Lossen the bolt and the filler tube slides off.

yep, bracket above bolted to tranny flange

this Haynes manual is crap, I guess it depends on who writes them, my 75 ford Haynes is great

Check the dipstick tube for a connection about 6 inches above the pan rim. I believe that the pan drops away with the lower tube attached leaving the upper tube attached with a bracket at the bell housing on one of the Cherokee transmissions.

thanks rob, b. knuck. there is a connection 6" up. no fastener tho, does it just slip in?

There’s a rubber o-ring on the upper tube that seals it into the lower tube. You’ll make a mess trying to twist and tug that pan off of the tube when you pull the pan, since it will be full of fluid. I don’t think your pan has a drain plug.

actually the pan appears to have a drain. haven t gotten to that yet, doing rear brakes now, one wheel cylinder leaking so I just got all new hardware and parts to go with shoes. might as well do it all while its up and apart. the rear brakes weren t even holding when it was in drive. the adjusters weren t working right so I got them too…

good thing I m independently wealthy…

the jeeps have many different set ups and who knows how many different jeep parts have been put on mine over the years. I just found out that the radiator came out of a much newer Cherokee. I was wondering why the overflow tank is a grape juice bottle…

The original overflow was an integral part of the cooling system. If that has been removed some modification to the hoses was necessary. Is there a 5/8" hose plugged off near the distributor?

some Cherokees have pressurized over flows. some don t, according to my book. I don t see any modified hoses. I do have a radiator cap. like I said, the radiator has been changed. I think it comes from a wagoneer, but was told its from a newer Cherokee.

I m a bit concerned that the secondary fan is not working, I have not checked to see if its just the temp sensor or that maybe it was never hooked up. it appears to be wired in to the harness, but I m not totally sure

the jeep never overheats. it gets to about 190 F or so , then the t-stat opens and it drops back. so I don t really know.

there are many different variation on the 4.0 liters in my book

i don t believe that earlier in line 6s had electric fans and they had a different type of reservoir, from what i am reading

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I remember checkng out a used car once. It looked pretty nice and the price was right, but when I opened the hood there was half a roll of duct tape wrapped around the upper radiator hose and the other half was used here and there as wire ties and other repairs to hold things together.
THe best part was the coat hanger held on to the negative battery post with a hose clamp and the other end attached to a power steering bracket bolt.
A real fixer upper…I walked away from that one in a heart beat, not knowing what else was screwed up.

Another car…a Neon…looked nice, but as I sat in the drivers seat I could see some wires near my feet that were spliced. I pulled out my trusty penlight and peeked under the dash.
After I saw a mess of spagetti with at least 30 …yes thirty, wire splices, I walked away from that challange too.


You are a better man than I. I would have walked away as soon as I saw the Neon nameplate.

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well, I have to admit, the milk jug had a hole, so I up graded to grape juice…

believe it or not all the other work was quite well done. the guy who I bought it from is a mechanic with his own garage and lift (the garage was neat orderly and busy) on his farm.

this was a jeep that he fixed up for his daughter and was driving himself when he sold it.

my gas mileage went waaaay up after I changed the front axle u joint and caliper pins.

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I worked on my jeep for hours yesterday and basically accomplished nothing.

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