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Th-thud feeling

I have a Frontier XE and when I stop the truck, I feel a slight th-thud. I feel the same thing when I start from the stop. This feeling is not thought the break peddle.

I notice that it doesn’t do this when the truck cold, only when it warms up. I’ve also noticed that if I put itin neutral before stopping, the th-thud doesn’t happen.

I’ve also noticed that just before the complete stop, if I take my foot off the break, I feel the same thing, but when I stop fully, I don’t feel it.

Since the truck is still under warranty, I want to take it to the dealer, but I know when they test drive it they probably won’t feel the th-thud. It think it’s the sort of thing you notice when you drive it a lot. My wife doesn’t feel it either, but she doesn’t’ drive my truck much.

It’s not me, really. :slight_smile:

Thanks! --Doug

9 times out of ten, this sort of noise/sensation turns out to be something loose in a storage compartment. Start by checking to make sure that the spare tire is solidly anchored down.

Thanks. I would agree with that, but if that were the case, it would do it whether it was in neutral or not. That’s the weird thing. If I put the truck in neutral before stopping, no th-thud feeling.

I’m hoping to have s good possibly explanation for this before taking it to the dealer.