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07 Tundra

When I come to a stop and stay stopped for 10 - 15 seconds it feels like someone bumped into the rear of the vehicle. It only does it once and not everytime I stop. I notice it more if I have to stop quickly from a higher speed. Sometimes it’s a little nudge and other times it’s a lot harder.

Have the rear suspension checked. It could be a loose axle shifting back into position after being pushed out of position from the pressure of stopping. Somethings amiss and needs to be evaluated to make sure you have a safe vehicle.

Do you have a tach? Watch it while you are stopped and see if the tach changes when that happens

The tach doesn’t change when it happens. Some said it might be corrosion in the spline where the drive shaft and differential mate. Have you heard anything like that?

And I bet you look in the rear view mirror when this occurs to see if someone actually hit you in the rear? Not good!

What you’re feeling is the transmission neutralizing and then engaging when stopped. Have you checked the level and condition of the transmission fluid?


How many miles on your Tundra and has the transmission fluid ever been changed?

It has 46K and the 07 Tundra have a maintenance free tray with no dipstick.

Yep the first time it happened I did look back. It has no dipstick. Tundra’s have a so called maintenance free tranny.

Sorry I ment to write maintenance free tray with no dipstick