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Car Talk's Unique Look At The New Ford Mustang "Mach-E Mach"

Any fan of Car Talk will love this humorous take on the Mustang “Mach-E Mach” by our own Craig Fitzgerald. 10 Things You Need To Know About the Ford Mach-E - Car Talk


Pretty amusing…

I am ALL over #1… NOT a Mustang… but I’m a Boomer and a Mustang owner…so there!

And $1000 (corrected… jtsanders catch!) for a set of new tires really isn’t all that much these days… but I digress.

54 grand for a very nice EV seems cheap compared to any comparable Tesla and the reviews I’ve seen have been very positive as is this article. As long as the reliability is there, Ford has a winner.

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Mustang Mach-E Mach … I could not even bring myself to say that out loud if someone asked me what kind of car I had.


Your right! But $1000 is, IMO. You lost a zero! Darned spellcheck…

A set of standard all-season touring General Altimax RT43s is about $630 delivered to my favorite shop for my wife’s 2019 Odyssey. I wouldn’t pay a grand for tires on her ride or mine either when I can get perfectly serviceable, high standard tires for much less.

That’s for 18” rims. I did check prices for the “upgraded” 19 inchers, and the price for comparable tires is about $800. Closer, but I still won’t spend 25% more for tires when I don’t have to.

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True dat. Firestone quoted us about $1020 for a set of 19" for my wife’s Tucson. CarX quoted $960 for a set of BFG’s and $875 for Kumho’s. I spent half that for my Corolla.

Given that I’ve been buying really, really large high performance tires, $1000 a set mounted and balanced doesn’t seem to bad to me.

Large… like 275/40/18’s on 10 inch wide wheels.

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Saw one in person recently, looks similar to a Tesla. Could be on the list if my dad decides to go EV in a couple years.

It all depends on the vehicle, you’d be surprised at how even a less expensive car can cost a bit for their tires. My CX-7 tires cost about $200 each with most within $20 on Tire Rack. My Bolt has tires ranging from $75 up to $210

The price rise for tires has been going on for a decade. You would think I might find a cheap tire on amazon. Easy to find Chinese stuff for 1/2 to 1/3 of name brand items. Just not tires. So much for the internet.

Found this on the Car Talk site. Anyone buy from any of these places?

And I would NEVER buy a tire from any of those places.

Why are you asking ? If you are in the US there are many places to buy tires without having them shipped.

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I was wondering about whether it would be worth it, to save on the purchase. But then, you’d have to find someone who can put them on the car correctly. Well, I would, anyway!

There’s a lot of places that do it…The reason I don’t buy tires from On-line sources is I can ALWAYS find better deals locally…especially when you add in shipping.

People buy tires while they are shopping at Sams Club , Costco and even Walmart so it is not Rocket Surgery . A simple web search will find places offering 4 tires for the price 3 - 100.00 gift cards as rebates so just do your diligent shopping and deal with a local place to make future problems simple .

Occasionally the local guys can’t get the specific tire you want. Often happens when a tire is discontinued but you really like it. A few years ago I got what I suspect was the last set of Yokohama ES-100’s in my size in the country by going with an online store. It won’t be long before they age out, and I don’t know what I’m going to replace them with because there aren’t many tires in that size at all anymore. Might have to get new wheels for the car, which brings me to:

The online shops also often have good tire/wheel packages, so if you’re looking for a set of winter tires mounted on wheels, online shops are fine - they come pre-installed and balanced so you don’t have to take it to a local place for the install unless you just don’t feel like swapping wheels yourself.

Back in the days when winter tires were not easy to find at many retailers (and not carried at Costco),
I twice bought Michelin winter tires (mounted on steel wheels) from Tire Rack, and I had no complaints whatsoever. They were balanced properly, priced competitively, and they arrived in my driveway w/in just a few days.

The major difference between Tire Rack and a local tire store was that Tire Rack gave me 5 or 6 winter tire models from which to choose, as compared to only one or maybe two winter tire models which the local retailers could order for me.

Yup. I’ve bought lots of tires from TireRack. Most of what I buy are rather special tires not normally available in stores where I live. They (and Discount, too, I think) have a list of participating installers you can ship the tires to for installation. The prices are set by agreement and published so you know the cost going in. Tire Rack used to be unbeatable on price but not so much anymore.

The tires on my truck are Firestone Destination LE’s. 3 Sets so far. Replacements purchased locally at comparable prices to Tire Rack and other online retailers. But they are just normal tires available anywhere. I’ll likely get the next set from Sam’s Club and have them installed there as well.

I have bought several sets of tires from Tire Rack, with no problems. That was when I lived in Anchorage, with limited local options. Now, in Dallas, there are plenty of local options with good prices, so I don’t even bother checking Tire Rack. But if you have a problem finding the tires you need, they’re certainly a good option.

I deal with a small tire shop. However he’s part of a group of small tire shops. They pool their money and buy tires and warehouse them. Never had a problem getting any tire I want.

My local tire shop beats them easily…Like at least by 20%. Last year I had my wheels redone due to pealing. I had looked at just replacing them, but then decided to get them repainted. I looked at rims (and tires)…Tirerack and 1010tire…Not even close. It might be OK if you lived in MA so you can bypass the tax. But we don’t have sales tax in NH…so there is no savings.