Is this a real car?

It is very real. For now it is also beyond the means of average folk.

Why all the the question marks??? Despite the legend perfectly viable electric vehicles are perfectly possible - in a purely technological sense.

Take a look at http://www.teslamotors.com/ in order to see the company’s website.
Google is your friend.

nope, not real at all. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s too much reality for me. You should have seen the wind-up taxi cabs in Thailand. I saw a picture of one. Cute.

I actually saw one in a parking lot at a shopping center in Virginia. Although I did not actually touch it, I’m firmly convinced it was not an illusion or hallucination.

I have a colleague whose daughter works for Tesla. She has a real job and it is a real car.

Even still, if I had a Tesla car, I could not go to Albuquerque and back for a day of doctor visit, shopping, concert, and dinner.

The technology still has a little ways to go yet for a day’s worth of driving. ( 100 more miles range at least )

( Albuquerque is a 280 mile round trip, and that’s just staight over and back, not allowing for the miles of in-town driving when we get there.)