Tesla Model 3 Total Cost of ownership


Is there a reliable source where I can know what is the true cost of maintenance of Tesla model 3? How much does it cost to do regular maintance every year and what are those?

Found this - Tesla Maintenance Schedule and Costs , is this accurate?


Probably as close as anything you might get . All vehicle’s have service expense’s .

Depreciation and car insurance are bigger expenses than maintenance unless yo drive a whole lot of miles a tear. Who knows what the depreciation on a Tesla will be?

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Items I would consider maintenance that are not covered in the chart; brake pads, Totoro, and tires.


@$#@& autocorrect! Rotors!


OP’s link is a good way to present the data by including the probability of needing the repair as well at the fee. The comparison to “luxury” cars? Not so much. I wouldn’t place a Tesla 3 – which is a good car choice imo – but not in the luxury class. It would be a better repair and maintenance fee comparison to compare a Tesla 3 to something like a Civic/Corolla/Mazda 3.

I don’t even want to know what all is in your search engine to auto correct rotors to Totoro… :rofl: :rofl:

Only kidding, I use talk to text a lot on my phone with autocorrect and boy it has gotten me in trouble before… And some of the things it thinks I say is soooo far off it is crazy…

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Totally agree. Very helpful opinions.

If I have to compare the total cost of ownership over years between gas vehicle and tesla (including depreciation etc…) then its there any website which can help me understand?

Your focus is on the wrong things . Modern vehicles do not require as much service as they used to . You need to decide if a fully battery powered vehicle will meet your needs . Web stories about how much trouble it is to make long cross country trips will keep me from getting one . Insurance cost is another thing to look at. A home charging station will cost about 2000.00 to install.

There are just too many varibles to compare electric versus gas.

@vjak19830402_180326 Just put ( which is cheaper to own a gas or electric vehicle ) in your search engine . That will give you so many articles that you should have an idea of what you are looking at.

You might check out Tesla Motors Club and see if they have anything. Edmunds also has the True Cost to Own feature where they estimate all ownership costs for most cars, including the Model 3. Here’s an estimate for a 2023 base Model 3.

Using the same site you found the tesla numbers on you can check the costs to maintain a Toyota Corolla or Honda Civic over the same period.