Annual Service Costs?


I’m thinking of buying a used Lexus IS 300 and want t oknow what the service costs might be but can’t find that info anywhere. Suggestions?



Try I think they track annual costs. Look for “Real Cost To Own,” or something similar.

Lexus is manufactured by Toyota, and overall has a very good reliability rating. You should be aware the all Lexus cars require premium fuel, so take that into consideration when you consider operating costs.

Parts will be more expensive than some other brands, but you have to expect to pay a certain premium to drive a premium brand.

Other than that, assuming the car has been properly maintained and not abused, it should be a reliable car that requires little more than routine maintenance.


Found it! There’s a “Tips and Advice” tab, and in that section another tab for “Maintenance”. They give the breakdown of scheduled service costs and recall info too.

Really good information, thanks so much!