Tesla maintenance

If I buy a Tesla and keep it for 8 years, how much would I expect to save in maintenance costs?

Motor Trend estimates $3000 over 5 years, with higher costs as time goes on.


I just looked at that link . . . unless I’m mistaken, you did not precisely answer OP’s question

Not only that, I don’t think there is an answer

That figure you provided is $3000 spent over 5 years in maintenance, NOT $3000 saved versus another vehicle?

Like I said, I don’t think OP’s question can be answered at this time, not without listing a comparable vehicle, and what Motor Trend projects its maintenance costs to be over that same 5 year period

I don’t think any of us are qualified to answer the question

Something just occurred to me. Perhaps you misread OP’s question. He asked how much he “could expect to save in maintenance costs” . . . perhaps you understood how much he “could expect to spend in maintenance costs”

With a unique car like a Tesla, I would project above average maintenance and repair costs over the life of the vehicle.

Routine maintenance may be less but there are a lot of unknowns in terms of replacement itiems whcih will be very expensive.

I would not count on saving any significant amount on maintenance. You buy a Tesla to save money on fuel only! The depreciation over the life will make any maintenance costs seem insignificant.

@db4690‌, there is no answer to the OPs question because he did not offer a vehicle to compare it to. I gave him an estimate from Motor Trend, and the OP can easily find estimates at Edmunds.co, for instance, for any other car he wants and see the difference. Tesla says they charge $600 a year for them to check the wipers, brakes, and cabin air filter. They also do a diagnostic check and any software updates. That seems like a lot of money for about 15 minutes of work. But it is a luxury car.

I don’t mean to continue to beat a dead horse, but if you spend $70,000 plus on a personal luxury vehicle, is saving money on gas or maintenance really the issue? I mean it sounds nice and everything and a topic of conversation having a glass of wine at the sidewalk cafe, but how many are really buying one to save money?

At this point, Tesla automobiles are more novelty than practical. Rich folk like movie stars or sports stars can afford them and can get press for driving them. Look for celebrities driving Teslas to parties in People magazine.