Tesla cuts prices again

That is probably part of the reason too. Tesla provides a price cut and the government provides matching funds. Kinda reduces the disappointment of Teslas poor fit and finish, still an issue after all these years.

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In places like Boston they’re all over the place. One place I use to park at when our company had remote meetings was the Clarendon Street garage. There were charging stations on all 6 floors. Many other parking garages have charging stations. From a simple google search, I found DOZENS in Boston city limits. Each city will be different. Even a small city like Manchester NH has 5-10.

Well, I can tell you for sure that Jack Nicklaus is an arrogant jerk of the first order, as was the late Howard Cosell.
I interacted with both of them many years ago, and even if the media gossips might have spread the word that they are/were nice guys, I can tell you that they were the antithesis of nice. On the other hand, Gilda Radner was a truly nice, warm individual.

In my semi-rural location, there are 4 charging stations, at two different locations, within 4 miles from my home.

The WaWa (typically know for fuel and convenience store) station in Vienna VA, has no fuel pumps. Only about a dozen chargers.

Hmmm… interesting!
A sign of things to come, perhaps?

One of my grandfathers was in the automotive industry from the early nineteen-teens until he retired in the mid-1950s. Over the years I heard many interesting stories about the Motor City’s auto industry.

The true stories about the Dodge brothers remained legendary for decades, even after the brothers were gone. :grin:


Two interesting items in the proposed county budget here.

  1. Mandate that the majority of county service vehicles be switched to EVs within the next few years.
  2. Line item deletion of funding for building charging stations at county facilities.


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I’d be little cranky too if I couldn’t go anywhere in public without being constantly interrupted by someone wanting to talk to me or for an autograph. I don’t think celebrities, when they decide to go down that path, realize what it will mean to the freedoms the rest of us have, esp the freedom of anonymity.

IMHO these mandates mean NOTHING. In early 2000’s each state was MANDATED to have Real ID by 2005. It’s been extended many many times. The latest date is now 2025. We’ll see if this EV mandate holds up.


Agreed. I do find it quite informative though.

Deleting proposed funding for charging stations makes very clear that the supposed EV mandate for county vehicles is empty virtue signalling.

I seriously doubt that. Maybe 10%. Some parts of the country don’t want them at all.

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My father was an attorney in NY City from 1950 through 1970 and then was in charge of athletic fundraising for a major upstate NY university. He worked with arena managers, rock stars and their managers, boxers and their promoters, announcers, and of course football, baseball, lacrosse, and basketball athletes at all stages in their careers, including retirement. Before I was 10 I’d met a Heisman Trophy winner who’d never play professionally, several college football, basketball and lacrosse coaches, Jim Brown, Bob Aaron, Muhammad Ali, Fran Tarkington, Roger Staubach, Howard Cosell, and Dick Clark. In my own house.

What I learned, mostly from my Dad: None of the people covered by the media are as bad or as good as what is depicted. They are all people who had little or no preparation for the fame, fortune (and mis-fortune) that came their way.

For example, Howard Cosell was famous for drinking during Monday Night Football. But heavy drinking was the culture, it was expected in any press box of that era. He could be crude, lewd and blunt to those he felt (mostly correctly) were fools. But he was also knowledgeable, honest, and direct. My Dad once commented that Cosell probably suffered depression and that he was a kind man in his personal interactions. Cosell’s relationship with Muhammad Ali was real (if always controversial. It was that relationship that convinced Cosell that boxing would kill Muhammad Ali and that all boxers would suffer permanent brain damage. The NFL’s concussion problem is nothing compared to boxing’s.

Bottom line: Don’t believe all the hype or all the hate inflicted on anyone who faces life in the media, or internet spotlight. The same is true of Elon.


Reminds me. We used to visit the twin spring training when they were still in Orlando and you’d just wait for them to come out of the gate after the game for autographs. I suppose the kid was 8 or ten then. Cal Griffith, the twins owner came out and when he was pushed for an autograph grumbled about having to put up with it. My wife said to him isn’t that terrible to be so popular that the kids want your autograph. He was a real grump. Compare that to getting a picture of Tony o. He said let me come out of the shade so you can get a better picture. Great guy as most of the players were.

Well, I am not going to complain about the price cuts. We are shopping for a car and the Corolla hybrid is on the short list as the 2023 Prius is nowhere to be found. Here in CA, all dealers are asking ~5K over MSRP for the Corolla hybrid. That put the price well over 30K. I am going to tell them, at that price point, a model 3 makes more sense. I am sure a lot of buyers are going to do this too. So, hopefully the market will adjust at least a bit because even paying MSRP is too much for me.

You never know who the people are posting videos, but one guy last night claiming to be a dealer buying cars at auction, said many cars are backing up unsold at the auction sites. Main reason seems to be banks and other dealers unwilling to take wholesale pricing and still want retail. Anticipating a wile raft of unsold cars until the flood gates break. I was at the dealer this week and still didn’t see a whole lot of inventory. If you trade, they have another used car to unload, so who knows but claimed banks and dealers are fearful of what will happen. Trades, repos, even rentals are now hitting the marked but not being sold.

I’m sorry, but I’m not changing my opinion of Elon Musk, just because you say I shouldn’t believe the media

Elon Musk’s own words have been very hurtful and insensitive

He is his own worst enemy


Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only time that he was drinking. When he drove onto the grounds of the Baltusrol Country Club in 1967, for The US Open, he was clearly intoxicated. And, I can add that his colleagues on Wide World of Sports thought that he was a jerk.

… and he has chosen to delete many of his untruthful and hurtful posts after the fact–even though that doesn’t eradicate the history of his frequently bizarre beliefs.

Back in 2018, when a Brit carried out an expedition to rescue a boys’ soccer team (and their coach) from a cave in Thailand, Musk posted a statement to the effect that the rescuer was doing so only because he was a pedophile. Bizarre, hurtful, and untruthful…

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I’ve posted this before but it’s perfect at this point of the discussion