Claim for Lost Title

Does anyone know how to do a claim for a lost title in Washington?
A guy I know has a junker '81 ford mustang cobra; only problem is he doesn’t have the title.
I looked through the dmv website and I can’t find anything about claiming a lost car.

Try this link:

This assumes the possessor of the car is the registered owner. All owners listed on the title originally must sign the affadavit.

If this junker was given to him and he was never listed on the title, then there is a different, more difficult issues involved.

It was given to him. He didn’t actually own the title.

I ask because my Grandpa obtained a title for '48 Studebaker Commander that was left abandon on their road. I was told that he did a claim for lost title without knowing who owned it or anything about it. The dol looked to see if anyone had claim to it and, upon finding that no one did they gave him the title. \

and, I had already found that page on the dol website

Satutes on ownership and titles are state statutes, and different states may have different groundrules. In NH, for example, all you need on any vehicle over 15 years old is a bill of sale for a minimum of $1. The registration then becomes your proof of ownership.

Check with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, or Motor Vehicles Buereau, of whatevere they call it there. You can get the correct groundrules from them.

The easiest way might be to have a friendly tow operator tow it as abandoned, store it for the five days, and then sell it to you. Then you use the bill of sale for the new title.

After they are 25 years old, your state might issue a new title in your name without too much hassle… If not, Alabama does, and there are brokers there that will do it all by mail for you…You will need a signed bill of sale and the cars VIN. You will get back an Alabama registration and plate in your name. You use THAT to obtain a title in YOUR state…Since Alabama issues no titles on old cars, your state will accept the Alabama registration as proof of ownership…Classic car publications like Hemmings have ads for these services…The VIN must be clean of course, never reported stolen…