Terrible terrible smell!

Hello, we have a 2002 Toyota Sienna Van; recently, there has been a smell like turpentine coming from the front passenger seat. We have tried spraying large amounts of fabreeze on it to no avail. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

Febreeze is good for covering up odors at best. I can’t think of anything in my 2006 Sienna that would cause such a smell. Any chance a pet or a family member spilled or left something on the seat?

I use a Dollar Store cleaner called “Awesome” for cleaning up pet accidents. Spray a liberal amount on the spot, scrub with a soaking wet washcloth, and use a thick towel to mop up the water. Put some weight on the towel. The more weight used, the better the towel can draw the moisture and smell out of the material. In lieu of “Awesome”, a pet odor neutralizer could be used.

A Bissel Green machine also works well.

Good luck,

Ed B.