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Terrible smell from whipping cream

What about using Nature’s Miracle not only on milk product spills on the carpet, upholstery, but on any organic spill. It’s an absolute for people with pets and children in the home and should work as well in a car.

Perhaps it will be as bad as you anticipated, but I think you could get rid of the smell with some simple cleaning techniques. First you need something to break down the fats from the cream – that would be Dawn dish detergent. Then you need to deal with the smelly milk solids that remain – Chlorine bleach would do the trick but would ruin the carpeting and cause premature corrosion of the flooring below. I’m pretty certain that straight hydrogen peroxide or a solution of Oxiclean would do the trick or perhaps both together or in succession would get rid of the smell without adding any odor of their own. After letting each remedy work for a while it should be sucked up with a wet-vac or the upholstery attachment for a rug shampooer. Then rinse until clear in the vet vac or shampooer. Finally, get it dry. A small fan (like for drying that other woman’s hair?) should be directed at the area, well past the time that it feels dry to the touch to ensure that there is not too much residual moisture between the carpet and flooring.

This may not be applicable, but when I spilled gasoline on the carpeting of my Bug, I got rid of the smell using orange-scented oven cleaner.

The “bomb” used by the order removal person was probably just a “dakota odor bomb” sold widely on the web. I doubt there is anything dangerous in it but the caller could verify the type and email the company. They make several different scents.

My guess at what would help : Take out the seat, pull and clean the carpet and treat the carpet with an enzyme based order removal spray, then cut out the padding where the can rested and replace that padding with new. Reassemble. Might work…

Sorry I have a motto, if scrubbin bubbles won’t clean it nothing will. Wifey has even gotten on board with the stuff. That works on everything in my experience.

The fire, flood restoration business uses ozone generators to wipe out odors. I have seen them successully used with not only building and household fires; but cigarette smoke, mildewy carpets, and fush guts.
It ain’t cheap to get one of these companies involved, but trying must be cheaper than trying to sell a car full of cats.

Oh, no! We had the same thing happen to us, only with skim milk. I tried just about everything, Nature’s Miracle, carpet cleaner, baking soda, vinegar, Dawn, several other things. We used a rug shampooer to get out the excess water each time, and then let it dry in the sun. Unfortunately, nothing worked completely. We ended up trading our car in. I hope you have better luck.

I have no experience with this product, but I’ve seen it recommended online by Mary Hunt, who writes a column called Everyday Cheapskate ( It’s called Nok-Out ( She says that it gets rid of odors that other products can’t. Let us know if it works!

I had a very similar problem to this–only the left item was a can of concentrated orange juice. My solution was to keep a bag of charcoal in the trunk (where the horrible rotten orange juice smell was). The charcoal absorbed the odor in fairly short order.

We make a product called Sink the Stink for scuba diving that should do the trick. It is based on live bacteria that actually consume the nutrients that feed the "stinker bugs"and was designed to clean urine and other nutrients from wet suits. It is available at most scuba shops.

The product is very concentrated…take one ounce in two quarts of warm (up to 100F) water and saturate the area. Allow the area to dry slowly over a day or two and the odor should be gone. We have detailers and professional restorers and carpet cleaners that use our product as it removes both smoke and musty odor smell from old cars. It will also remove skunk and cat urine odors.

You will find it at most scuba shops. We are more than 100 times more concentrated than our competitor…

If the couple with the BMW wants to e-mail me, I’ll send them enough to treat their car…


I used to spill milk in my work truck all the time (from lattes, etc.) And it would REALLY smell. What I would do is leave both windows open at least an inch at night. The natural bacteria in the air would break down the milk cultures, and in a few days the smell would be gone.

I always parked outside, and I think this would work best if you parked outside. But if you were in a garage, you could leave the windows in the car down all the way, and open a window in the garage.

This really did work. I know because I used this method about twenty times!