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Terminology: turning over vs. cranking vs. starting

@NYBo Por supuesto! Se hablan Espanol y el idioma de Tejas!

Uff da!

I would argue that there is no “correct” use of the terms under discussion. It’ll vary with regional differences as well as with individuals.

As regards the use of the terms by a layman, to me it’s analogous to myself attempting to explain my aches and pains to a medical professional. I may be more versed in anatomy than most are in car terms (only because of a rotten health history), but it’s still a struggle for me to explain things. Part of a practicing physician’s necessary skills are to ask the right questions to get the information they need from someone who doesn’t know their colon from their elbow. That should be part of the automotive “service consultant” job description too, but in my experience most of them are just clerks with limited automotive knowledge.

A mechanic really needs this issue clarified because “Cranks but won’t turn over” and other hazy methods of phrasing it just muddies the water; a lot.

Clarifying things like this is what a service advisor or manager at the desk should be doing long before the repair order is dispatched to a mechanic.

This carries over into all other areas and if a SA or SM is going to draw a paycheck surely they can devote an extra 30 seconds to extract a few details about a complaint.

One time I was handed a repair order that stated “Transmission Shifts”. WTH does that mean? I handed it back to the SA with full agreement that a transmission really does shift and the one in question either does or it doesn’t. I’m not going fishing in the parking lot…
To make matters worse, this guy couldn’t even clarify the complaint so he had to call the customer.
Yet more of my time being wasted for free… :frowning: