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Car Turn Over Noise

Does anyone have any good onomatopoeias for an engine turning over? Bonus points if you can transition for turn over to idle.

Turning over as in turning the key and hearing the starter motor?

4 cylinder or V-8? (V-8 sound is of course “VROOOOOOM”)

They all sound different. An idling Harley Davidson motorcycle sounds like: “potato, potato, potato.”

Yeah, it would just be the starter motor turning the engine prior to ignition. Like if you tried to start a working car without the sparkplugs in.

Wow. I had to look that word up.

When I turn my engine over it goes “Creeeeeak”. I need to oil my engine stand.

Does the engine turn completely over or does it just turn upside down?

(as I’ve read elsewhere)

First it goes rrr…rrr…rrr…rrr…, then it goes rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr