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2000 Chrysler Sebring - Fuel pump issue?

turn key fuel pump will not come on engine will not turn over every thing else work as it should

That doesn’t surprise me. If the fuel pump won’t pump, then you can’t get fuel to the engine. And last time I checked, you can’t run an engine without fuel :slight_smile: get your fuel pump fixed

The fuel pump does not run? The starter motor does not run? Everything else electrical does run?

A close reading of the wiring diagram will show where there are common elements. Ignition switch comes to mind, maybe a relay. But first: is the battery in good condition, holding a charge, with clean and solid connections?

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In the under hood fuse box, check fuses #8/20 amp,#9/10 amp, and #10/10 amp.


What do yo mean by turn over, Do you mean crank or start?

There seems to be some confusion about this among non gear heads.

To avoid confusion, turn over only means the starter is turning over the engine, it does not mean the engine is running.

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If you didn’t hear pump noise but engine is start and running it’s ok