Temporary tags from shift?

I am currently in the process of purchasing a 2017 fiesta st online from the company Shift. I have completed almost all the steps to purchase except they are telling me Kansas is one of the states that cannot obtain a temporary registration from them, so they have told me to contact my local tag office to see if I could get a 60 day tag from them, the tag office told me most of the time a dealer like that is supposed to provide the temporary tag unless it is from a private seller… I am located in Kansas and this vehicle is located in Texas. My question is, is there anyway I can receive temporary plates for this vehicle if shift does not provide me with any? I also have my plates from my old vehicle if there is a way I can just use those plates. ( They expire at the end of this month though, and its already the 23rd)…

Any help would be much appreciated!!

Only the Kansas DMV can give you a definitive answer. Ask your DMV how they would handle temp tags for a private sale. There must be a procedure.


are they shipping it to you? if they are then you can just register it in your state.
this is from their site…

Skip the hassle

No test drive needed? Buy online & we’ll ship to your door. A purchase advisor will call you to complete the transaction.

OTOH, is it a stolen vehicle? Is there a lien on it, salvage, etc. Got a copy of the title to check with Texas or other states with. Title washed from New Jersey or some place. You know the old Elvis song.

You can’t find a local vehicle you can actually see in person. And how would anyone on the web know the answer to this question . And using tags for a registered vehicle on something else will get you a visit with people who drive vehicles with flashing lights on the roof.


. And using tags for a registered vehicle on something else will get you a visit with people who drive vehicles with flashing lights on the roof.

That is the reason I have the paperwork done at the DMV with both me and the seller there.

a simple google search

Buying an out of state car in Kansas, all you need is the bill of sale from the out of state seller, or title if from a private seller.

You then take the bill of sale or title, and the car to a “Kansas motor vehicle inspection station”

And a motor vehicle examination (MVE-1) will be issued.

You then take bill of sale/title, the MVE-1 to your local licensing agent and a title and plates will be issued.

There is no way to get a temporary on an out of state purchase.

But what does this person do if after applying for a temporary tag they want to use the 7 day return policy ? This whole venture is set up to be a legal nightmare and not even for a collectable or rare vehicle.


I don’t know how other states work bit my expeirednce when I bought my las truck my BIL and I drove up to Tennessee from Georgia me and the seller went to the tennessee DMV to do the paperwork and Tennessee issued my a temporary tag so I could drive it back to Georgia.

Now that I think of it, I bought a car from Wisconsin and just drove it home to Minnesota and registered the title and got new plates the next day. I know some think this was illegal but I just mailed the plates back to the guy the next day.

I knew he owned the car though and had full title. I guess my concerns were along other lines than registering the car.

Check the title. Verify they give you the VIN for the car you are buying.


I am surprised the seller can’t help, especially with this on their web site. “Shift is able to register vehicles in all states in the continental United States (Alaska and Hawaii excluded).”

Something smells wrong here, find another car somewhere else.

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But you both went to get a car from a private party that had a registration, 316jace is trying to get an unregistered car from a dealer shipped to him.

Kansas won’t issue a title/registration/temporary for an out of state car until it has been inspected by the
“Kansas motor vehicle inspection station” (State Police)

Shift won’t ship the car until it is registered in his name, a catch 22

If 316jace went to Shift in Texas in person there wouldn’t be any problem.
Using the bill of sale, get the temp permit from Texas, Then he can drive or ship the car himself.

Some states just make it really tough to bring an unregistered car in.


I would run away from this “deal” for a lot of reasons, not the least being the fact that the car being purchased is not a desirable or even good model–especially if equipped with the dual-clutch “automatic” transmission.

Furthermore, a 2017 car has just as much warranty remaining as a 1998 car–i.e. none, but costs a lot more. So it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money on a car which is new enough to be expensive, but not new enough to have a factory warranty in effect. I would get a Camry/Corolla/Civic/Accord or other similar car from the late 1990s for under $3k and set aside money to pay for the repairs and maintenance which any out-of-warranty used car will require.

Finally, I would not consider buying an out-of-state vehicle unless it was a highly desirable/rare model, and I was planning to physically go to the seller and drive the car home. The idea of buying a non-collectible car online, without the opportunity to inspect it and test-drive it beforehand just doesn’t make sense. In this situation, a dealer would provide a temp tag, even to an out-of-state buyer to allow the vehicle to be driven home.

Sure hope it passes inspection. What does the OP do if it doesn’t? I’d guess he is on the hoop for anything needed to pass inspection to get the registration and tags.

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Shift has a 7 day return policy but since it can’t have a temporary tag ( according to Shift for Kansas ) the person just needs to pass on this deal period .

I know people are fearful of travel but gee, what does it take to drive from Kansas to Texas? Pack a lunch and hit the road.

not necessarily…it depends on what needs fixed. Big advantage of a 2017 car vs a 1998 car is parts availability

in addition, 4-years old car would likely have less things to break than 24-years old one, although it this is a DCT transmission model, some of that tail-wind gets lost

I thought the Fiesta ST is either a manual or a DCT. I wouldn’t buy either one without a lengthy test drive. These cars usually get driven hard, sometimes taken to the track. I have a feeling there is a reason why this is such a good deal.

Run don’t walk

If a seller can’t provide a rreasonable transit tag you know you have a probem.

Stop the paymewnt and hope for the best.

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