Buying a car out of state from a private seller; Can I obtain temporary plates to drive it home?

Hi I am purchasing a car in Indiana from a private seller and want to drive it back to Texas. Does anyone know if I can get temporary plates or some kind of transit tag to drive it across state(s)? Would I obtain them at the local indiana DMV where I bought the car or is there something I need to obtain in my home state before I get the car? Thanks!

Go to the Indiana DOT web site and search for the answer, or call them on the telephone number found on the same web site. We can guess, they will know.

I live in VA, when I got a car from CT, I went to the VA DMVgave them all the particulars on the car and they sold me a little sticker to put in the drivers side rear window. Went all the way from CT to VA, toll roads and all, and was never even questioned as to why no tags on the car.
P.S. the sticker was small enough to be just about invisible to any one at highway speeds.

Call your homestate DMV with all of the particulars about the car, make model, VIN, and they’ll probably issue you a temporary permit for it. Here in the Northstar state, you put it in the rear window until you recieve your plates for the car.

Contacting Indiana and Texas DMVs is excellent advice as it varies from state to state although all 50 states will honor another state’s temporary license or trip permit as far as I know.

Having proof of insurance might be critical. The fine for “no proof of insurance” is more than the fine for reckless driving or no license in my state.

In our state we are given 30 days to register a new vehicle, call the dmv and ask.

The DMV site shows that in Indiana the license plates stay with the car. With a properly signed off and notarized title there should not be an issue with driving the car back to Texas as all states have a grace period regarding registration.

What I might be more concerned with, and the way I read this, is that you’re a TX resident heading north to buy a used car.
If this is a sight unseen, no pre-purchase inspection car from a Rust Belt state then I might be a bit worried about the condition of the vehicle; both as to mechanicals and body rust issues.

Rod Knox Proof of insurance was a good call. In most states you will need that to get a trip permit.