Temporary Low Beam solution

Is there a temporary low beam headlamp diy? My elec harness to headlamp is melted…light is not working and I can’t get into service dept for 10 days. And at that point they are only inspecting it again. Any suggestions?

Use the high beams.

I don’t know about your DIY abilities, but I’d rewire the melted section. But first, I’d find out WHY it melted.


Hi and lo are both dead? From the sound of it.

Why? What’s to reinspect? They already know it doesn’t work.

Yeah, go to a shop that is actually going to repair it, not just “inspect it again”

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Something along this line?:


Is the car still under warranty? If so, you shouldn’t mess with it at all lest they deny a possible warranty fix due to tampering.

If it’s not under warranty, don’t bother with the dealer unless they are the only source of the needed parts. Even then, a good shop can make this kind of repair if you don’t want to DIY.

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No. The problematic wiring section must be properly removed & replaced. Otherwise risking car fire worst case, or driving at night and suddenly headlights not working at all. The wiring shouldn’t have melted, so need to discover why it did as well. Could be the headlamp ass’y failed, but probably just a short circuit. Was Optima ever in a crash? If so, look at the wiring in that area for exposed copper. Have any fuses been replaced? If so, make sure all the currently installed fuses are the correct amp rating.

Repair doesn’t require dealership. Any well-recommended shop that works on Asian cars should be able to do this for you, shouldn’t take much time.

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Have you checked the fuse or circuit breaker? The breaker should have opened and then closed again after it cooled off but maybe the breaker fried too. As temporary, I’d just spice a new wire if that is the problem and not the breaker. The what is the melted wire but the why needs to be determined.