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Headlamp shorting out

I have a 2014 Kia soul and I think I have a short in it the headlight. Everytime the lights come on it will stay on for a little bit and then it shut off. It’s only the driver side headlamp that does this. Could it be a fuse or the wiring? How expensive could this get as well. Ball park speaking.

The first thing I would do is un-plug and re-plug that headlight’s connector.

Check with your dealer. There is a recall notice out for this problem.

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You could swap the bulbs and if the drivers side still acts up at least you will know it is not the bulb. If the bulb acts on passenger side then you have a bulb problem.

Edit: We have 9 canister ceiling lights in our kitchen. One would light for a while then go off. I moved it to another location and the problem moved with it so I knew it was lamp and not the fixture.

I looked at the Kia Soul’s TSB’s (technical service bulletins) on There is one for this condition. TSB #TSBELE093 NHTSA ID #10088704 Eighth one down on this list. Hope that helps when you take it to the dealer.

Is your vehicle equipped with HID or halogen bulbs?

Just a reminder in case you have not checked. A 2014 Kia with less than 60K miles is still under the Kia comprehensive warranty.

The warranty will not cover the bulbs, just the parts the bulb goes to. The OP should at least try to determine the bulb is good first.