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2015 Dodge Charger Passenger Side Headlight Cover Cracks

Hi folks,

First time here! Greetings!
I have a specific question. My passenger side headlight cover is cracked due to a previous accident. I have been driving it since then for a few months and it works fine. But it failed the 2020 inspection. After going to one bodyshop they recommend replace the whole assembly which charges me 1150$ just for component (i searched on line and found some better deal)
My question is that is the crack fixable just by replacing the cover to pass the inspection since it works fine for me tho it exposes the circuits to potential danger.
Do I have to replace the whole passenger side headlight assembly?


The law is the law! I would look in a wrecking yard for a used one. Many vehicles are rearended and written off while the entire front is still usable.

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Nope, I know of no way to do that.

Depends on where you are. I see lots of cars running around St. Louis with red tape on the taillights.

We’re talking headlights. And this is to pass inspection. I haven’t seen replacement headlight ‘covers’.

I sometimes see headlight lenses that are practically opaque, like the ones on my wife’s old Altima, yet somehow the owners manage to license and operate them. IMHO that’s little different than minor cracks.

Either an aftermarket replacement part for around 450 or an oem used part from an auto recycler (I'd guess around 100-200) seems the best bet if you want to diy and save a little . If you feel lucky surf over to the pick and pull website, see if they have a 2015 dodge charger on a lot near to you. If you drive there for a look-see, even if the headlights are missing, they’ll probably be able to tell you which make/model/years use this same headlight.

I’ll add I’ve repaired minor cracks in tail-light plastic by applying just a little clear 5 minute epoxy along the crack. It will do much to help prevent water intrusion but still might not pass your state’s inspection rules.

They will sell those front clips for about $2000, they usually won’t sell parts off of a complete front clip unless it is damaged.

He failed inspection, so it apparently is different.

He failed (actually his car failed) because the lens is cracked. Would it still fail if he put clear tape over the crack or sealed the crack? I don’t know but I suspect you don’t either.

Red tape on taillights is common. I’ve not seen permanent headlight tape. Have you?

Thank you all for your responses! Very helpful!
I think I’ll talk with some other body shop and check if they are willing to install aftermarket passenger side headlight assembly for me. which could save me 500 to 600 bucks component only.
The concern I have is that I have to replace the adjacent right side fender too, which adds up the complexity. And I saw ppl talking some aftermarket piece might not fit perfectly, let alone I need to replace both assembly and fender.
I usually just go to dealership and have no idea of aftermarket brands. Can you guys point me some quality aftermarket brands?


Apparently you are paying for this yourself . Why you don’t have full coverage insurance is beyond me. Just let a body shop ( now called collision repair facilities ) give you an estimate and do what they do on a daily basis .

Yes, it would definitely fail in Pennsylvania