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Temperature gauge

I own a 92 camaro RS 3.1L V6. The cooling fan turns on when the temperature gauge reads close to 260 degrees. What can be causing this? I appreciate any answers, thanks!

The fans are supposed to cycle on when the temperature climbs up there but if the car were mine I would prefer they be coming on at temps far lower than 260 degrees.

That being said, this era of Camaros were prone to gauge problems and it’s quite possible the engine is not actually hitting 260 degrees. It may be gauge error.
If the temps are really climbing that high then the radiator should probably be boiling over into the overflow tank; cooling fans or not.

If that is really the temperature then it is a real problem. The fans should be turning on about in the 205 degree range as a guess. The temperature sensor may be bad or there is a problem with the circuit and is causing this trouble. Have a shop verify the temperature the fans turn on at.

Thanks and the radiator definitely does not boil over.