Camaro overheating problem

I have a 1986 Chevy Camaro, it’s a 2.8L V6, manual transmission. When I hit 35MPh it starts overheating and then just dies. Right now it doesn’t even want to start anymore.I know it could be a number of things like the head gaskets are out, the radiator needs to be replaced, the water pump etc. etc. Any ideas,solutions and tips? thanks a bunch :slight_smile:

Is it loosing coolant? Where? You should be able to see where the coolant is getting out (white smoke out the tail pipe, puddles under the car, or just looking around the engine.

Nope there is no coolant getting out I have looked everywhere.

1986 Camaro? A twentythree year old radiator could very well be restricted. Espeacially if the cooling system hasn’t been maintained over the years.


Are the electric cooling fans coming on? Camaro fans are FAMEOUS for not working, often due to a faulty heat sensing relay.

The whole car has been rebuild a while back (couple of years ago) But yeah that could be the problem, that’s not the first time that I have heard that. :slight_smile:

Yup they are coming on, that’s what I thought of first when the problem started. I’m starting to worry I have to get a new engine for it, cause it overheated 3 times like that…(pretty sure the head gaskets are out on it)

well then… it was the catalytic converter, It must have been plugged. So, it just took it out xD I’m just going to straight pipe it LOL