Temperature-dependent squealing tyres


I notice my tyres squeal when I turn a corner but its more likely to happen when the car warms up or on a warm day. A mechanic checked out the front end. Now I’m thinking the noise is coming from the back.


Did the mechanic check your tire pressure?

If the tires are over-inflated to begin with, the heat of a warm day could be raising the pressure to the point where the tread is only making contact with the roadway in the center area of the tread, rather than making contact across its entire surface. This reduced contact area would produce less traction, hence, the squealing noise.

Check your tire pressure when the tires are cold (in the A.M., before you have driven more than 3 miles). If the tires are inflated to more than–let’s say–4 or 5 lbs. over the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended pressure, then I would suggest bleeding a bit of air from them (when cold) in order to bring the pressure more in line with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommeded pressure.

An additional note:

If you have been using the inflation pressure listed on the tire sidewall, then you are overinflating the tires. The pressure listed on the sidewall is the maximum that the tire can stand, and this is different from the pressure that the vehicle manufacturer found to give the best combination of good handling, decent ride, and load-carrying capacity.

Think of it like blood pressure. If your doctor tells you that your blood pressure should be no more than–let’s say 140/80–that doesn’t mean that your ideal blood pressure is 140/80. In fact, a lower pressure would be more healthy for you, and your tires are somewhat similar.

Just be sure that you never inflate the tires to less than what the vehicle manufacturer specifies. Personally, I like to go about 3 lbs. over the manufacturer’s recommendation, in the interests of better handling and longer tread wear. Just don’t overdo it!


and let’s not forget plain simple driving habits. I’m not accusing you of anything, kchinquee ; D
but my brother’s tires squeal everywhere he goes b/c he drives a tad bit fast.

As VDCdriver noted, your tires may be overinflated some. If that’s the case, you’re likely to see excessive wear in the tread in the middle of the tire, rather than even wear.

Another thing to consider is if your suspension (springs, shocks, struts) is worn out you could be getting excessive body roll in your turns.

Just what kind of car is it anyway? And whereabouts do you live? --In some of the country’s warmer/dryer climes (desert southwest, for example), a little squealing is fairly normal on warm days. Especially after long periods without rain, b/c of oil/rubber buildup on the tarmac.