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Tell me what rubber boot this is and how to fix it

This rubber boot has a small tear and leaking oil. I was thinking lf using an epoxy for sealant to seal it. I dont really want to pay huge $$ to fix it. Please let me knkw what this is called or if therr is a “quick fix”

There is no quick fix. The steering rack bellows can be replaced but the leak will remain. That is likely a leaking steering rack and it needs a new seal at least so the bellows can be replaced at the same time. Although I can’t tell from the pic if it IS leaking past the bellows or from somewhere else. That could be engine oil not coming from the bellows at all. And it doesn’t look torn from the picture.

In the meantime, check your power steering fluid NOW and every time you put gas into the car because IF that is what is leaking out your level should be low. If not power steering, it is a small engine oil leak.


I agree with @Mustangman. It does seem to be the leak is from the Rack and Pinion boot which has the function of protecting the gear from being damaged by dirt and water. It is not there to hold lubricant in the rack. If lubricant is in the boot the shaft seal behind it has failed. The seal may have failed due to the torn boot allowing the seal to become contaminated.


Thanks for the reply. The leak is coming from the rubber bellows itself, there is a small crack/tear on one of the sides. So you are saying this is the “steering rack”? I am unfamiliar with cars, so I want to know what to ask for when I call shops for quotes.

Since the tear is on the rubber bellows itself, I am hoping the replacement of the rubber piece is all that is needed. Does that sound correct?

Also, my power steering has had a slow drain for about a year now. I have just been filling it every month or so because of the hassle of finding the leak. Thank you for the details

Sorry for not providing details earlier.

Wow thank you for the clarification. I thought that the fluid was being contained by the boot but it is surprising to know that there is not supposed to be any fluid in there to begin with.

I did check my power steering fluid and to be honest, I have been “topping it off” for about a year now. There has always been a slow drain from it, but I never pinpointed the leak. It appears that this may be the culprit from what you guys are saying

I would not expect to get quotes that way for this problem. They need to see it and determine just what has to be done. If you got a quote for just replacing the boot and after they got the car more work was needed you would not be happy.

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Sorry, no.

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Add this product to the power steering fluid and it’ll stop the leak in the rack and pinion.



Hello again, i’ve found that steering rack replacement costs are insanely high… So my next question is, would I be OK continously adding more powersteering fluid for now? How long would I be able to do this for, if not forever? (As long as the leak remains very slow paced)

Use tester’s advice.

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This is why a shop needs to look at it. You may only need a new seal and a boot, much less $$.

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Have you taken it in to a shop to get quotes? They might even be able to offer you a way to fix it temporarily and give you an idea of how long until it needs to be replaced. Another idea is to get a repair manual and try to do some of the work yourself.


Thanks again everyone. Looks like i need to take it to the shop for an accurate estimate.

Im hesitant to use the stop leak because the manual specifically says not to use additives, and i dont want to damags other parts.

I had a leak bown by there, ended up being a rusted out power steering fluid line, to replace all the lines, $800.

I fixed a small tear in one of my CV Axle boot with RTV gasket sealant.Try it.

The cv axle boot and rack and pinion boot are 2 animals of a different color, the boot the op was referring to should not be leaking fluid.

The last steering rack I had put in cost about $500. Do as Tester suggested with the stop leak and see if the leak heals itself. Otherwise even if they just do the seal and bellows, I think you’re still looking at a couple hundred.