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Technical books on OBD-II systems

Sometimes, I discover something I once knew, and it makes me feel dumber than a rock.

I live in Mexico, and books in English simply don’t exist where I live. So, I have brought with me, I don’t know, maybe 200 books, not counting the 1500+ I have downloaded from the Gutenberg Project. Today, I was looking for a book I haven’t read to the point of boredom and encountered a HAYNES TECHBOOK OBD-II next to the late model 90’s pickup manuals I bought to help locals with older vehicles.

It is just what is says, a technical book about OBD-II systems and how to deal with them.

I had totally forgotten I had that book.

I cannot say it is a perfect book. I have learned things, via this URL and Google, that are not in it. But, it is a great book for newbies on OBD-II. It has a lot of technical information on how the systems work. Knowing when a test is run and when it resets by itself is a real boon when the failure light comes on.

I do not have a special love for Haynes books. Chilton’s and others may have similar books. But, for readers who know little and want to learn more, this or a similar book could be very informative. I bought this one at AutoZone. Other car parts sellers have different publishers’ books.