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Tcs turns off and says engine depowered when gas 1/4 tank or below

Tcs turns off and says engine empowered when gas 1/4 tank or below but turning car off for a minute will make it go back to driving fine for a bit, any ideas on what’s causing this. I do need to change the exhaust cillanoid.

Since you tell us nothing about the car, my suggestion would be. Put gas in before it got down to 1/4 tank. Other than that I wouldn’t put any money into repairing that old piece of scrap.

Or you could provide us the usual information:
And codes numbers from the OBD code reader.

All of this is necessary, especially since traction control should have nothing to do with volume of gas in the tank.

2012 chevy malibu LT 155000 code P00014

P0014 indicates the following, but I fail to see how fuel level would affect/cause the code. You will probably have to pay the diagnostic fee and get it fixed correctly.

  • The exhaust camshaft has advanced too much when the ECM has commanded the camshaft to retard to a lower timing level.
  • The oil viscosity is excessive causing the passages to become clogged, causing oil flow to and from the camshaft phasers to be restrictive.
  • The camshaft phaser is seized in the advanced position.
  • The oil control solenoid to the bank 1 camshaft may be shorted in the open position.

A common repair for fault code P0014 is replacing the exhaust cam variable valve control solenoid, over 800 reports of replacing that solenoid.

Do you think that’s what could be putting the car into “hobble” mode?

Yes, that fault can cause the engine to go into limp mode or reduced power mode.

Seriously Thank you for your knowledge and understanding! It is very appreciated