2010 Chevrolet Traverse - CEL and Code

Check engine light is on: code is P0008
Recently a another code for the catalytic converter bank 1 came on but im not too concerned about that. My question is why when my tank goes down to 1/4 of a tank of gas the check engine light goes off. It actually passes inspection. Ive been to 7 mechanics. No one really can diagnose the problem other than i need a timing chain and a cat now. if that were the case why does the level of gas affect the check engine light. Car recently started driving a little rough. Not too much.

How has this Traverse been maintained? Have you changed the oil in it regularly?

Reason I ask is a P0008 does indicate some kind of timing issue. Timing chains rarely need to be replaced…unless they haven’t been properly lubricated by regular oil changes. Catalytic converters can go bad if the engine has been burning oil for a long time.

I think the fuel gauge/CEL is a separate issue.

The fact that several mechanics either can’t or won’t fix this issue tells me…it’s either too complex, or they don’t want to try and fix it, sensing a brewing mess.

Car has been meticulously maintained. Have all of the records.

Check engine light goes off when fuel level is down to 1/4 is very strange.

Car does not burn or lose oil. I never have to add any and get regular oil changes.

Hmm. Well, I know it doesn’t help, but apparently the Traverse is know for engine problems, among other issues.

You might want to consider saving up for a new engine, or possibly even trading it in eventually.

Good luck.

The timing chains need to be replaced, that is the diagnosis.

When the fuel is below a certain level, some of the diagnostic monitors are disabled, that is why the fault does not occur when the tank is low.

Below is some information on GM timing chain kits;


This is useful knowledge, especially for anyone who needs to get a vehicle with an unfindable or unrepairable EVAP leak through emissions. I discovered that on my vehicle with this problem, the EVAP monitor does not run if the fuel level is less than 25% or more than 90%. Simple solution to get through emissions: top off fuel, disconnect the battery to clear codes, drive enough to set all the other monitors while keeping the fuel topped off, go through emissions and pass.

It sounds like the OP can use this same solution to keep his vehicle legally registered, without paying for the tremendous expense of a timing chain job.