2000 Toyota Camry

I just bought a 2000 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder with 150K miles. It drove great for a week. Now it wants to cut off when I’m at a stoplight or stop sign. When I press the gas there is no acceleration and very sluggish. This is when it wants to cut off and does about half the time. At normal driving speeds it drives great. The Check engine light also came on. Advance Auto Parts store read the codes and it’s P440, p441, p446 and P106. All have to do with evaporative emission control. Can anyone help narrow down what I should focus on first or should I just take it to the mechanic and pay big bucks? Any help appreciated.

Try loosening the gas cap and see if it performs better. (Briefly, do not drive long distances that way). The emission control hardware is complicated and would need an expert to find the exact cause.

Failed or Dirty MAF will cause poor idle - http://engine-codes.com/p0106_2000_toyota_camry.html

The P0106 code is not related to the emissions system. It’s for the Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor. The sensor or the connection may be bad, or you may have a vacuum leak. That’s probably why the car idles poorly. Get the P0106 code issue fixed first and the car should run fine again.

The emissions codes are a separate issue and could be caused by something like a failed vent valve. Your mechanic will have to diagnose it.