Taurus - intermittent slight lurch

2007 Taurus SEL 4D, 6 cylinder, 3.0L

The car has 33K miles. It really runs well, but I?m a little concerned about an intermittent shift problem. It can happen after it?s warmed up, but in general it seems to happen once when it?s cold. When I first start to drive, with gentle acceleration, there may be a slight lurch. I can?t detect if it?s the transmission slipping and then catching or if it could be the engine that is suddenly speeding up. I think that if I coast a while before accelerating it may aggravate the problem. One time it happened in reverse. There is no noise or clunk that I hear, it?s just the lurching feeling. My drive train warranty ends in feb of 2009, so if there is a problem, I?d like to understand it and get it fixed!

Any suggestions appreciated.

This solution is easy.

Take the car in to the dealership and get it looked at immediately (before the warranty ends). Insist that they do a drivability test on the thing to check for the behavior you describe, and get it in writing that they were looking at it.

If they can’t find it and you have it in writing that they were trying to fix it during the warranty period, you should have no problems getting it covered if it fails outside of the warranty period. Of course, if it lasts another 6 years and 150,000 miles, then all bets are off. But by taking it in now, you’ll effectively be getting extended coverage for it…

That’s a good point. I’m still hoping to be able to recreate the problem and hopefully understand it. I’ll certainly bring it in even if I can’t make it happen easily.