Taurus climate fan intermittent, cold blooded

Taurus climate fans often fail due to moisture intrusion. That isn’t my problem. The fan bench tests fine. Resistor is fine. There is no power to the fan or resistor during fault condition (light tested).
In the morning, in the afternoon, or whenever, the fan seems to come on 30 minutes after the car is started, so I don’t think outside temps are a factor. Once the fan comes on, it works fine at all speeds, and once it is on, it has never turned off. I have the digital climate unit, in case that matters. I am trying to half-step this back to the problem, but I’m not sure what to check next. Thanks, all.

I’m not familiar with exactly how the EATC Taurus is laid out but assuming it’s similar to other Fords there are a number of possibilities.
Blower module faulty.
Burnt wire connector at blower motor or blower module.
Fault in the EATC control head.

You might try running a self-test on the EATC and I assume, right or wrong, that the Taurus test is similar to other Ford models. With the engine warmed up, and preferably when the fan is inop, try this:

Press both the OFF and DEF buttons at the same time and hold them down for a second or two.
Release both buttons simultaneously and then quickly (within 2 seconds) depress the RECIRC button.

If things are ok you should see all of the digital lines illuminated on the EATC control head. If there is a hard fault then the head will show a DTC code, or codes. With numbers in hand, the diagnosis then starts.
Hope that helps.