97 Taurus Cooling Fan Issues

97 Ford Taurus V6 VIN U Engine

Well I’ll try to keep and simple.

My Mom has had the car for a few months now, have never noticed that the fans do not kick on until recently after replacing the oil pan gasket (just over a few weeks ago). Heat gauge does not show overheating at all (about mid range, seems to be normal for it). Might a stuck thermostat be the cause (something tells me the new one in the trunk was there for a reason).



If the coolant doesn’t get hot enough you won’t have the fans on. Sounds like there is no problem unless your heater only puts out cold air. Low heat from the heater would be a sign that the thermostat is stuck open.

@Harland if your thermostat gets really bad, you might get a P0125 or P0128 code, either of which would turn on the check engine light

Gonna start more troubleshooting in the morning. Seems like thermostat might have a little something to do with this. Did have it scanned, only issues that popped up were exhaust issues.

Have not been able to get back on the Taurus due to other projects. Does anyone one know how to test the CCRM with multimeter?

If you have AC on your Taurus, you might try turning the AC on and see if the radiator fan comes on. On most cars turning on the AC forces the radiator fan to turn on independent of coolant temp.

Due to knob issues the AC has been on constantly (keep it on low), even then it does not kick on. Opened up the doors and rolled down the windows to increase load, still nothing.

For the cooling fan for the radiator to turn on, usually the way it works is a signal turns on the fan relay, causing power to go to the fan. First off, is the fan getting 12 volts to it? If not, is the relay being signaled to turn on?

You’re either going to need some help with someone experience in diagnosing electrical systems, or at least have access to the wiring diagram. Most public libraries will have the wiring diagram.


If I don’t get a reply back on here I’m going to take it in at the college I attend if I can get my HVAC instructor to help (did notice a heating issue).

You don’t need an HVAC instructor, you need an automotive instructor. I doubt an HVAC guy will have what you need to diagnose this.

You’re going to need a wiring diagram to properly diagnose and repair this. The ECM (engine computer) monitors engine temperature and turns the cooling fans on (either low or high speed) when it wants to. If I remember correctly the engine temp will be about 220 degrees before the fans will run.

Also the fans should run or cycle on and off when the A/C compressor is running. But it sounds like your A/C doesn’t work so that won’t help us.

I can’t think of an easy way to test the cooling fans without a scan tool. The first thing I would do is tell the ECM to turn on the fans and see what happens and proceed testing from there. You’ll need to know exactly the coolant sensor reading, whether the ECM wants the fans on or not, and a wiring diagram and voltmeter to test things along the way.