Taurus balky at even speed

Car: 1993 Tauris GL, 3.0 litre.

Problem: When car is between 25-60 mph and running evenly (neither accelerating nor decelerating) it becomes balky, as though it were missing. If I floor it, the balkiness goes away and the car runs fine. For example: Let’s say I’m doing 35. The car starts doing that balky thing. I accelerate. Fine. No problem. Then I reach 50, and try to hold that speed, and the balky, missing thing recommences. Any idea what this could be?

Check engine light coming on?

Hmmmmmmm. Well, the engine light came on about two months ago, the engine cut out, then the light went out just as suddenly and the car started running fine again. I do think it was shortly after this that the balkiness started. I suppose I should get the computer checked, but I have been avoiding it because it costs 50 bucks. Was hoping someone might have suggestion before I take it into the shop.

I think it’d be worth the 50 bucks.

You will probably find out that one of your Oxygen sensors is contaminated and has to be replaced. You may only have upstream ones on that older model. You should probably replace them on each pipe.

Thanks for the tip on the oxygen sensors. I will investigate this possibility and post an answer when I have one.

Oxygen sensor, mass airflow sensor, or manifold absolute pressure sensor would be my guess.

But start by getting those codes. Parts stores may be willing to download them for free.