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Engine problems

I have a 1992 Ford taurus and it runs rough at idle. It was tuned up 6 weeks ago, new plugs, wires, etc. It also chugs when going up an incline at 35mph & 1300rpm. If I give it more gas its ok. Any ideas?

35mph 1300rpm may be a bit low for going up an incline in this aged beast. I think yo’re probably at the bottom of its usable power curve. Give it more gas. Make it shift.

The car’s 16 years old now. The rough idle could be due to a lot of issues, a stuck EGR valve, variations in compression, an old injector (wear affects spray density and pattern). It’ll need to be looked at, and should be, but honestly on a car this age I wouldn;t get too optimistic. Things that you might want to look at are compression, the EGR valve, vacuum readings (leak? sticky valves?), compression, compression, and compression.

Did it have a problem before the new plugs and wires? Did anything change with the new plugs and wires? How long has it been a problem?