Tata Nano or Tata No-No?

It appears that Tata is now having problems convincing Indians to buy this car. If folks in India are now reluctant to buy one, what chance would it have in other markets?

Take a look at:


I’ve read the sam ething, that Nano sales dropped off considerably due to some catching fire and due to competitors entering the wee-car market. I’ve also read that Tata is a large tractor and truck manufacturing company that has the resources to get past this problem.

Time will tell. I think a lot will depend on how cheaply they can bring the car to the U.S. market. If you think about it, the old VW Beetle wasn’t comparable to U.S. cars in its time, but they were cheap enough that millions sold. I still believe there’s a currently-unserved market for dirt-cheap econoboxes in the urban areas.

It’s not the design and price, it’s the execution IMO. Even foreign countries can build their version of an Edsel. Or in this case, an exploding Pinto.