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New Car With Throttle Cable

Just wondering if there are cars still manufactured with old school throttle cable control?

Hmmm…I would be willing to make a small wager that the Tata Nano still uses that technology.

However, there are probably at least a few hundred reasons why you would not want one of those cars.
And, of course, they are not legal for sale in the US, so my suggestion is merely academic.

In case you are not familiar with this make and model, the link below will give you the scoop:

Actually I’m sure there are quite a few that don’t use ‘drive by wire’ yet, but I couldn’t tell you which ones. Probably the cheapest, least powerful vehicles from any mfr.

I can’t tell you which cars still have throttle cables, but the number decreases with each new model year as electronic controls take over.

Maybe all the bad publicity will reverse this trend. But I doubt it.

Push button start/stop bothers me more than throttle by wire, but it, too, is spreading rapidly.

Diesel trucks/SUVs ?..cheapest cars; The Suzuki line ? They seem to be a tad behind others. A few years from now someone will be asking…anyone still make a car without computer controlled steering ? With stability control mandated by 2012, I think that will have a big impact on what cars are left.