Ready for the Bajaj RE60?

Check it out here:

1 cyl, 20 HP engine; dinner plate tires; top speed of 43 MPH, and all for a mere $2700 or so. It’s not sold in the USA of course, but I wonder if passengers in rickshaws will appreciate a stuffy car for most of the year in South Asia. It couldn’t possible have AC. Whatcha think?

I thought the Nano was selling slow because it was TOO cheap - wonder how much ‘bottom’ there is to the India market…

Twenty whole ponys? 43 mph? Wow. I think the mechanism that put the convertable top up and won on my dad’s old Pontiac had a bigger motor thaan that.

How many clowns can fit in it?

The little car’s appearance was certainly designed well. If it’s reliability is better than a Tata Nano or even a Yugo it should sell well. If it’s has an AC then they won’t be able to keep them in stock.

“How many clowns can fit in it?”

Not many, by the look of it.

“If it’s has an AC then they won’t be able to keep them in stock.”

I doubt it. With the AC on, it might have a top speed of 20 MPH.

It’s meant to replace an auto rickshaw. You can see the competition below:

Okay, the AC will definitely slow the vehicle down but I think 25% instead of 50%+. I could be wrong however since a 20hp engine does not come down the pike often enough to do any testing. I did have a Pontiac T1000 in years past (wife’s car) that used a calendar to clock 0-60mph times.