Tall Driver & Need Help With Next Car

So here’s just a little pre-information:

  • I’m 6’3 ½
  • I want 4 doors
  • Decent fuel economy
  • Higher ride height

Hi, first post.
I’m 23 and I currently own a Jeep Wrangler (2-door) and it’s by far the best vehicle I’ve owned so far. Just love Jeeps.

Thing is, I’m in the market for a new vehicle because as a daily driver, the Jeep has become an annoyance on gas, and (like most people) I don’t off-road it. I’d also like to save $$$ in general. I just think there’s a smarter alternative for someone like me. There’s also the fact my newly retired dad would love to take it off my hands, lol.

But there’s a big reason I bought the wrangler too: I’m a tall and broad guy, so the headroom and ride height were phenomenal for me. Being able to have a commanding view for the first time was amazing too.

I’ve looked into midsize trucks already, love the height but I don’t have use for one (they’re meant to be work vehicles… right?), and of course there’s the many crossover-ey SUV things right? Looks like a happy medium.

But aren’t they… mommy mobiles? For people who haul families on the regular? I want four doors and all, but I think they’re styled a bit too much like soccer mom vans.

There’s also the endless hounding I hear from people saying to only buy Japanese brands or you’re asking for trouble. That’s a whole different story, but I’d also hate to buy something with tons of issues.

What do you think? Should I still opt for the Colorado or something similar, even though the bed will rarely be used? Or is there something more practical out there I may have overlooked?

Might be asking for the impossible here, but thought I’d give it a shot. Thanks.

Neighboor is 6’3" and he fits nicely in his Chevy Equinox. Most SUV’s will offer plenty of head and leg room…try a few to see.

No question, you’re a young man. Who else cares about soccer mom styling? It’s OK to be young and have those opinions, but you are cutting off a lot of the SUVs that’s will get you better gas mileage than your Wrangler. The EPA average for the Jeep is 18 mpg. The Equinox averages 26 as does the Escape. The CR-V and CX-5 average 29 mpg. The RAV4 averages 25. All are a lot better than your Jeep. BTW, all EPA estimates are for the 2016 model year. Drive them all and see if they fit your frame. I know that the Equinox rear seat slides to give passengers more leg room, but I don’t know if the others do.

If you don’t need the bed, don’t buy the pickup. You could go to a Carmax and try out a lot of different cars. A Honda fit has lots of headroom, for example.

Have you tried to get in and out of a 4-door sedan? You can avoid the soccer-mom styling. Cost-wise and gas mileage-wise, they have big advantages. At 23, getting in and out of the sedan may not be as big an issue. You could at least try a couple. We had a Civic that I really liked. We have a RAV4 and a CRV which I love; they get good mileage and are practical. But I doubt their target market is single guys in their 20s. I also got to drive an HRV, the CRV’s little brother, and liked it.

My first car was a civic coup, and the only thing I loved was the mpg. Was a tough fit too - having to crawl in and out of that thing, which was another reason I wanted to sit up high (that, and taking turns with visual obstructions). I’m looking into a newer CRV though since I’ve seen these replies. They’re looking pretty good now that I’m paying more attention. It may be the middle ground I want since it’s not the pilot, nor the trim below it. Fingers crossed.

I’ve also driven a Cobalt and a Hyundai smaller sedan (can’t remember the model) and they didn’t sit as low as the Civic. If I didn’t have to haul dogs and cargo, I’d really like to get something like this, with its 30+ mpg.

I can’t guarantee you’ll love the CRV, but we do.